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How do you handle your stress?

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Hi stepmoms! And how do you handle your in laws?

If any of you have had your own bio kids have you guys ever dealt with postpartum anxiety or anything like that? 

So I used  to be a less scattered individual than I am now. If you have read my blog post before, then you know that I have been dealing with problems with my SS. DH has started taking responsibility and handing him, and is getting a lot better about staying on top of him.  suffice it to say my stress has lead to me finding white hair and I’m only 30. 


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How to handle the situation with your SS? I would handle it by disengaging and allow H to do it all. If its affecting me to the point of being stressed than yes it calls for disengaging. It's great your H is starting to take responsibility and doing better but he's still a work in progress. I also destress by going to a spa, gym, mani/pedi's, spending time with my GF's, going for long walks, basically doing what I love.

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im actually dealing with in laws and my family. My bro had a psychotic break while I was in the hospital with baby, at same time SMIL was trying to manipulate DH into coming to my house. We refused, but they still ended up giving us their infestation that they hid from us. I ended up spending most of my recovery after the first couple weeks vacuuming and spraying to get rid of it. I’ve been sick off and on since then, and now I’ve found a new bug from them or maybe not. We stopped going over to their house, so this new bug may be from going somewhere publicly with them. Idk. It could be from something else too. I’m just not handling it all that well. It’s actually been a three year things of a lot of stressful situations not just with SS, BM, or BM parents. 

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is your DH in all of this?  

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Handling stress? I stop sleeping & clean nonstop. Thus why I'm awake right now. Obviously that isn't healthy so recently I started seeing a Counselor, every 2 weeks & went on a low dose of an SSRI. And I cook. Like A LOT.

My in-laws? They're fantastic. My stress comes from MY family. They're toxic.