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So, it's summertime and we are doing are alternating schedule with the skids. I pretty much hate the summer. Its suckss. They are just as annoyingif not before. They appreciate nothing and fight all decisons made...which is frustrating and exhausting.

How are your summer schedules how do you deal with the stress?

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We don't have the same problems with our skids, so I actually look forward to getting them full time for the summer.

Sounds like you and your DH need to set some boundaries, rules, and consequences .. and stick to them. How old are your skids?

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There are boundaries and rules set as there are rules during the school year as well. We get them everyother weekend and 3 days a week during the school year and we alternate weeks in the summer. Same rules apply. They are just going through a defiant stage as well as their mother really has them thinking they can do what they want. Sad...
Theya re 11 and 12 and really get to doi whatever theyw ant with mom..come and go as they pleae and what not...and we just don't allow that. So even having rules and routine its still very exhausting

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Ugh I can imagine .. I'm definitely not looking forward to those ages! I get the impression that our BM is working hard to "win over" the skids .. I can only imagine how difficult they'll be as they get older and BM is still campaigning to be the fun parent :sick:

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Ah, summer - months of trying to undo what BM does to them so that we can send them back and have her do it to them all over again. Wooohooo!!

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I had my stepsons 24/7, 365 for 15 years. I would have done a round-off back handspring had we been able to send them somewhere for weeks at a time.