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Speaking of the So-Called Tech Saavy (semi-spinoff)

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younger generation...

Part of my job involves doing IT for the sheriff deputies.  One of the younger deputies,  in his mid twenties, wearing extensive orthodonture who has a pronounced lateral lisp and "looks geeky" is CONSTANTLY messing with his laptop so much so that I'm getting ready to take away his local admin.  

I knew I was in for trouble when he had a pin in his patrol car saying "weapon of choice" with a picture of a game controller on it.

So far he has broken his dot net framework and has been messing with a batch script that downloads the latest DMV stolen vehicle "hotlist."   Sadly for me, his supervisor is a forty something woman who knows nothing about tech other than how to facetime on her iphone.  

Of course she takes Mr. Gamer's word as gospel as he is "young and tech saavy" and refuses to believe that HE is breaking his software.  He has her convinced that he needed to have an online gaming plugin installed on his patrol laptop to do social media investigations on suspects.  (rolling eyes)

Kill me now!!


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We are on a domain, but have a work group that has admin permissions so anybody in the road Patrol has local admin.  this was made by the previous retired guy for ease-of-use.  

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The he!! is he even messign with the dot net framework for??? This is why for most of our clients we just don't give them administrative privleges for the most part... Unless requested, then we can't do much.

She does know that even someone who can't understand even the basics of technology can still technically be a "gamer." right???

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she does not.   she also has a reputation as a huge flirt with the men in uniform. 

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Well figures... I'm sorry thinkthrice. We get some calls that make me want to strangle someone, but at least no one here has figured out how to mess up the dot net framework yet.

LMAO, at least I know I can totally ace the police academy I've been considering....

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I interviewed 2 gamers today for an IT job.  One couldn't even tell us how to get to a command prompt to get his IP addy and that was the easiest question.

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Well... There we have it... "tech savvy" gamers... I'll come interview isntead. LMAO

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LMFAO!!! I bet they’re good at isi g cheat codes but don’t know squat about how computers work. Priceless!!

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...and this f*cktard is in charge of a firearm and a 2000 lb steel box on wheels?! Aye carumba!