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O/T Work BS

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I'm so sick of these whiney @ss people at work complaining about this job. Seriously, my job is not that hard. Normally, we each have have a crew of 15-20 techs we are responsible for but on friday saturday and sunday we run a light crew. So instead of 20 techs I have 6 on fridays and on saturdays I have 2. I'm not here on sundays but I have 1 tech on my crew that works on sundays and a coworker just manages his route for me. I always ask for additional work and usually have "Busy work" projects that I work on for the director of our department.

I'm not covering anyone today other than my own techs because I have a project I'm working on that is time sensitive and my boss wants me to focus on that. A coworker is going to lunch and gave her techs to her handoff person. That person seriously just threw a fit. So I offered to take her techs. She has 8 techs today woo hoo so now I have to watch 14 techs for a hour instead of 6 whoopty doo. The other girl only has 6 techs I just looked at her route. Stop complaining- so sorry to interrupt your internet shopping. Yes, I surf the net and I blog on here and respond to posts but I still get my work done AND I manage to complete the projects I've been given. These people can't even get their regular work duties completed. It's no wonder I'm always in time out-no seriously my boss puts me in time out when I get pissed off and go off on idiots that aren't doing their jobs. I could completely understand if we were bogged down with work but we aren't.


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"Time outs" ahahahaha.

Someone should probably put me in time out here sometimes. LOL, I am always telling people when they are being stupid. I have one Loan Officer that is literally afraid of me because I tell him how stupid he is. It's not my fault he's an idiot. I really am a nice person. But I can only tolerate so much stupid.

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Oh good I'm glad I'm not the only one. She actually says to me "GM, It's time for a time out-go to the conference room and work in there"

My job is stupid. I babysit grown men. But it's a JOB, a lot of people do not have one. It helps pay my bills so I don't complain.

They should just be happy they have a job.

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I have to work in the conference room. WOOOOOOOO like that really hurts my feelings.

LOL I really am a nice person but I have no tolerance for stupidity or laziness.

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I hear ya. I was so annoyed with a coworker the other day I snapped at her. And she told another coworkers 'purple' is pisdy today. I don't normally do that. Lol. The other coworker told her it us my time of month. Lol it really was but still.

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I've found that some people are bitchy by nature. I hardly ever bitch about my job. Even when I think that certain things may not be quite fair, it's just like whatever. I'm here so many hours a day, give me work to do, and I'll do it. Then I'll go home and forget all about it!

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I know, I hate my job but I still try and show some kind of enthusiasm when I'm there!! I'm just grateful to have a job tbh.