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Leech is getting some Karma, Love it

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DAH is on a two week motorcycle trip with some of his retired buddies. This is day 5, on day 1, DAH dropped his cell phone while taking photos of the Pacific Ocean, so his phone is dead. He called me from his buddy's phone to let me know and that he will get a new phone when he gets back home. He's having a blast, traveling all along the North Pacific Coast, he said it's nice not getting calls every couple of hours from Leech, whining about her life. The last call he got from her was about having no food in the house, DAH told her to get a job and go to the food bank.

Day 2 of DAH's trip: There is a closed group on FakeBook that my friend's daughter(FD) is apart of, along with Leech and a bunch of witches that Leech hangs out with. They are all bitching about how they saw Leech at the food bank and how terrible it is for her to take food for people that really need it. Leech tried to defend herself by lying and saying that she was picking up the food for her neighbor that couldn't leave the house, she's just trying to help her neighbor. My (FD) knows all the B*llsh*t that Leech has pulled over the years. Well, FD calls Leech a liar in the group and starts listing all the crap she has pulled and all the lies. Every time Leech would try to defend herself, FD would blast right back at her, with more information and more lies that Leech has told about everyone in their group. FD sent me an email with all the screenshots of the blast Leech fest. It appears the ass reaming went on for over 2 hours, all these "Friends" started comparing stories and confronted Leech on her lies.

Day 3 of DAH's trip: Sheriff Deputy shows up at my house for a welfare check, Leech has been trying to call me and she couldn't get through. No Shit Sherlock, your blocked on my phone. The deputy is a close friend of DS42, and knows some of the issues with Leech. DS42 and deputy are talking, Leech pulls up and starts demanding money for food. She's screaming that I am trying to kill her by starving her to death. Here's where the no filter of my mouth really set her off. I just rolled my eyes at her and told her to get a job, or go stand on a street corner with a sign. Holy sh*tballs, I didn't know that Leech could move that fast, she crossed the 10 foot space between us and punched me in the eye. Deputy had her on the ground before she could do anymore damage, Leech was cuffed and stuffed, but my glasses cut into my eyebrow and I have a very nice black eye. DS42 is absolutely livid and shaking with rage, he's yelling at Leech, Leech is screaming back at DS42. It was a totally crazy.

Did you know that anyone over the age of 55 in California is considered an elder? Lol, I guess there are some perks for being older. Leech was arrested and booked into the jail for assault and felony elder abuse. DS42 took photos of my face and sent them to Leech's grandfather and told him not to bail her ass out. DAH called that evening from his buddies phone, to see how my day went, trying to explain what happened was tough, because I didn't want DAH to get upset and cut his trip short. I didn't know that DS42 had sent a text with the photos of my face to DAH buddies phone earlier in the day. DAH was aware of what happened and was trying to stay calm. After telling DAH about the drama, he told me that DS42 had sent the photos. DAH and his buddies discussed all that happened and everyone was in agreement that I needed to get a restraining order on Leech as soon as possible.

Day 4 of DAH's trip: Off to the court house for emergency restraining order, the black eye looked terrible. At the court house, Deputy is there waiting to go in with DS42 and I, never made it to the courtroom, we were taken directly to the judges chambers. The deputy explained what had happened, if the judge needed further evidence the patrol car camera caught everything. Restraining order granted, no questions asked. Out in the hallway is SGD9's dad, Leech's ex-husband(LXH), he was waiting for an emergency custody hearing to get custody of SGD9. He was asking for supervised visitation for Leech, no contact until physic evaluation on Leech is done. Later that day, LXH calls and tells me that he got everything he asked for and now he has to get SGD9 into therapy to deprogram her from Leech's craziness. DAH calls in the evening, I let him know all that happened at court and with LXH. DAH agrees that the best thing that could happen with SGD9 is for her to live with LXH.

Day 5 of DAH's trip: Arraignment for Leech, I didn't go this morning, but I got a call for Deputy. Leech is brought to the courthouse for arraignment, was given a copy of the restraining order and the emergency custody order. She flipped out in the middle of the courtroom, screaming that she was going to kill LXH, she's the mother and he has no right to her child. Bailiff told her to sit down and be quite, she spit in his face and tried to punch him. Cuffed and stuffed again, no bail 72 hour physic hold, she is a danger to the public. DAH is going to have a hard time with this, but we knew she was crazy and something like this was bound to happen.

DAH keeps offering to cut his trip short and come home, I told him no, I am fine, there is nothing he can do for Leech, she needs to pay for her actions. I found out this morning that DS42 is the one that contacted LXH, when Leech was hauled off to jail. Major lesson that Leech needs to learn is never piss off my DS42.



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It's so nice when they actually show their true colours. So many of these crazy BMs hide it in front of the cops and judges and others who are in a position to do something about it.

Hopefully, she spends a good long time in lock up.

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I do know that she will have to do at least 10 to 30 days in jail for violating her probation from a couple of months ago. DAH was expecting that jail time for her would help her get her head screwed on straight. IMHO, there is no way she will ever get her head on straight.

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That has been an exciting mess of a few days for you. Glad she has been charged and lost custody. Leech is totally crazy. Hope your eye heals quickly. 

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I seriously think she's abusing drugs again or she has gone completely crazy. In some ways, it's sort of worth the blackeye, so other people can see how crazy she has become.

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Wow, this is EPIC!! And good thing your H was out of town, so Leech could run the full length of her leash without him enabling or covering for her.

Hopefully this is the beginning of a new, peace filled chapter in your marriage. 

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DAH has been at the end of his rope with her for the last year or so, he has seen the actions of her towards anyone that doesn't agree with her and how spiteful she can be towards everyone. Maybe this road trip was the best thing that could of happened to all of us. DAH can't do anything while over 1000 miles away and he's pretty much done with her, his main concern was for SGD9 and now she's safe.

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His trip and breaking his phone was a blessing in diguise!!  She went nuts not being able to contact your DH*yahoo*

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I am so sorry about your eye! But oh em gee, this just thrills me! I love when terrible people get their comeuppance and this satisfies my desire justice. In our case it's BM who is mentally unstable and I secretly love it when she acts a fool in court, but even her antics aren't this delicious. 

I'm glad you are okay and that you have an RO!! I hope this allows you and DAH to refocus your energy on your own lives and he will stop trying to bail her out. 

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OMG this is scrumptious, delicious, FABULOUS!!!  I'm so very sorry for your black eye, truly- but I'm so glad she will get her well-deserved Karma, and that your DH is far awam from the disaster otherwise it may have not unfolded as it did.

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We all know DAH's can say one thing and as soon as they get the water works from their princess, everything flips around.

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That will be much harder for him to do now. You won't need to say a thing, just pull out pictures of your back eye!

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That is an epic tale of crazy ass skid. 

ETA: All those that ask "does it get better" hopefully read this!

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I never thought of that, maybe this will help some that think their adult Skid is crazy. 

Now maybe things will get better, it only took almost 30 years.

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Great read.  I hope your eye heals quickly, and I hope Leech doesn't get custody of that poor child again.

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Custody of SGD9 has been DAH's biggest concern. I have to admit that I have been worried too. I have seen a change in SGD9 in the last few months that is not good. When SGD9 calls her dad LXH, she lies to him about anything and everything. Leech did the same thing at this age to DAH. It's like history repeating itself.

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Does your dear son have children of his own? I hope you’re a grandma to real grandkids. Fuck Leech! How dare she lay a finger on you!

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I like that word, Nutbag, it fits her perfectly, along with many more choice words.

DAH has been mumbling about selling the house and moving out of the area, far away from Leech. But he was so concerned about SGD9, it won't happen, but he likes to mumble a lot. Lol

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DS42 has two boys, GS17 and GS15, he's raised them on his own, since the youngest was less than a year old. BIOHO, decided she liked drugs more than her kids. My grandsons are better off without her in their lives, DS42 is a very strict father and will not put up with any crap. DS42 disabled from a drunk driver hitting him, 5 years ago, while he was on duty with the Sheriff's Department. Leech doesn't understand that "Blue Line" that law enforcement has, even with a deputy that can no longer work, they all stick together and protect their families. I also have 2 GD's from my daughter, GD23 & GD11, both are great girls, but we don't get to see them very often, DD39 lives a 1000 miles away and very busy single mom now.

Leech will never lay a finger on me again, she will not get the opportunity to be that close around me from now on.

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Omg what an amazing family you have; your children are so responsible and brave. It’s a testament to your character and integrity. I wonder if it drives DAH nuts that his spawn is...sub-par? 

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I hope you are Ok ... this has to be a drain so I hope you are ok!  

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with a kid begging and demanding her elderly dad who is retired or near retirement age feed her kid because there is no food at home. Thats her job!!

is your husband the one who took her on a shopping spree for groceries like redbull and rib eye steaks because she boohoo had no food at home??

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Dumb Ass Husband, I had the receipt from the grocery shopping trip, pinned to the wall in my office. It's a great reminder of why I take 10X's the amount from his savings when he does stupid things for Leech.

The sad part is my DAH has a heart of gold and would help anyone, not just Leech. You wouldn't know that he's a big softy by looking at him, all tattooed up, bushy beard, retired truck driver that rides a bagger Harley.

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with a kid begging and demanding her elderly dad who is retired or near retirement age feed her kid because there is no food at home. Thats her job!!

is your husband the one who took her on a shopping spree for groceries like redbull and rib eye steaks because she boohoo had no food at home??

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Leech's BM was worse than Leech, DAH has the scars to prove BM was a major nutbag. BM attacked DAH outside the courthouse when we got custody of Leech at 9 years old. BM jumped on his back and stabbed him 4 times before the cops could pull her off of him.

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I hope you are ok.

I think actually it is a positive that your DH is away with his friend, as he can talk about what's happen and his feelings with someone who knows what his daughter is like but with out being emotionally involved.

He can get it all out and work through it before he gets home.

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Each day is getting better, the swelling has gone down, and now I have a different shade of bruising, I just add eye shadow to the good eye to match the black eye and use concealer below my eye. Maybe I'll start a new makeup trend. Lol.

I agree with you that having DAH gone and with very close friends is for the best. He's calm when I talk with him each night, and he tells me what his buddies are encouraging him as what to do when he gets home from this trip. They all have told him not to contact her, do not accept any calls from her, it's time that she had to pay the consequences for her actions.

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Omg... reading this was too good. I’m so sorry you’ve been injured, but considering everything that’s now come from it I’m guessing it’s actually a blessing. And in front of a cop, too! It just couldn’t get any better!

It’s also a blessing your DAH was not only away, but has limited access to a phone as well. No interfering from him, just letting the system work for itself Wink Good on your DS42 for getting a hold of LXH, and good for LXH for getting his kid away from that nutbag! 

She’s definitely getting her karma. If only that happened to more of the nutso adult skids we read about on here...

I hope you recover nicely & enjoy your new found peace at having horrible Leech out of your life! As they say, good riddance to bad rubbish.

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Damn, I don't even know what to say to all of this.

I hope your eye heals and I hope Leech gets what she deserves. I do also hope that she gets the help that she needs because she obviously needs some! Doesn't mean anything will change, but.....

She went crazy, and that is separate from her lazy, user self, so even if she gets help for the crazy (whether it be due to drugs or whatever) she will still be who she is - a user and a leech.

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What a sh!t show that went down but glad you're ok for the most part and that KARMA is biting her in the @ss.

Always take care of you!

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You are my hero.  Setting Leech off like you did saved two lives: SGD9 and LXH.

I'm glad the damage to your eye isn't permanent.  I'm sorry she hurt you.


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Gads, what a soap opera story of stephell! Sorry about your eye, but it may have been worth it... {{{hugs}}}