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Finally BM is blocked forever. Thank you everyone for all your support!

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SSD just turned 18.  Crazo was texting DH (50 texts at time) last week and he had had enough. He sent the crazy wack job a text 2 days before ssd 18th birthday, that said:  K is about to be18, I am blocking your number we do not need to communicate further. I will communicate with K directly on anything she needs.

Wow finally.... No more crazy text. We are so relieved. 

SS18 is sowing some wild oats ...and  another day I will blog about that, but for now I will be happy in our peace and quiet.

I would not have made it these 7 long years without all of you.  Your support has kept me sane and stopped me from making many, many mistakes in step hell.



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Will she accept it? these sort of people rarely do but I hope she does so that you get some peace and quiet.

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We don't think she will have much of a choice. He works in a secure buidling she could not go there and she isn't brave enough to come to our house.  I blocked her the first year DH and I dated. No drama for me! 

We will not only see her at adult skid events... college graduations...etc.

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Good for your DH. I highly recommend going no contact with crazy BMs as soon as possible. It's been almost 8 years for us.

Bonded for life, my ass.

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We have only seen BM once since then, at the hospital when SD had her first baby. No drama but DH was on edge, as BM tends to suck the air out of the room. Just her presence makes him nauseous. SD promised DH that she would make sure BM was not there when we stopped by, but really, we should have known better!

BM will not cause a scene in front of other people, she wants everyone to think she is the normal one and DH is the jerk.

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I have 5 years and 9 months to go!!!!

And its not even because of Munchkin sd12, but its all about her mother. But we havent hit the teen years yet. Oh, but we will my precious we will.

Hope you stay around to give sage advice to those who are going to be walking the pathway that you "walked and rocked"!

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continues... Even though they are of adult age. The are still very young when there are girls there will be drama.

SS21 is doing good  in his black and white world. It a amuses me he cannot see gray area's yet. But he will as he matures.