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Christmas Photo Cards

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Looking for thoughts on Christmas photo cards. I always send out a family photo, minus his adult children. They have never lived with us and have always been adults since I've been in the picture. Both his son/35 and daughter/34 have mentioned how they are not in the picture. So, being the thoughtful person I am I thought to create a card with pictures throughout 2011 for special events. His son married, mine graduated college... However, as I was trying to do this I have not found one picture from something his daughter attended with the family. Yes, I have her singing show we went to and supported her and the 5k she was in. I also have the same for the son, his wedding. But, when it comes to the family and doing stuff that is important to us I have nothing. Because, they don't attend.
This has made me want to not include them in the Christmas card. What do you think?


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Don't include them, they are adults, adults do there own photo cards they don't go on there parents. They shouldn't want to. Put your foot down this, this is your card for you family that is there all year and in the home, once you leave the home you leave your spot on the photo card behind.

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That's how I feel and my husband said the same thing. I just want to keep peace and it is hard with these kids. Thank you for your help.

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Unfortunately, you will probably never be able to truly keep the peace with babies in their 30's. :/

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I also have the same for the son, his wedding. But, when it comes to the family and doing stuff that is important to us I have nothing. Because, they don't attend. i am making the christmas cards and wrote the Christmas Quotes and Family quotes in it. and also add the photos of my friends.

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Hi Felker,

It's very nice of you to consider including them.

The only people included in my cards are my RESIDENT Skids, SO & myself. If I tried to do a "family" picture with everyone, it would never get done...not only that but my family doesn't know the teenage SKids & all they've heard about them is what I've told them...most of which, was not they wouldn't want to hang their faces on their fridges anyway.

What does your DH think?

I do like the pic compilation idea though...maybe you could make up a little album & send it to grandparents?

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He said they are adults and they should send their own.
My family feels the same way. They have met these "adults" and really feel they are hard to like. So, I know they wouldn't want to see their mugs.

Thanks for the help.

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I don't ever include skids in my photo cards, either. If pressed, I would just have two teeny squares with their individual pictures, and then a large one for DH, DD16 and me. I don't dwell on this stuff too much, because I can send separate cards to my own family with just "my" family photo. Wink

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Thanks! But, they make an issue out of everything we do. Even if we have different cereal than they had.

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Oh yeah uh no. I thought this was about including kid skids in photo cards, which I am not doing... sorry! I just wont send any to FDH's family, I want an xmas picture of 'my' family.

Either way, yes definitely if the skids are grown they can do their own card, thats just silly to expect that when your grown!

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Now that we have DS6months, I am doing a holiday photo card for the first time. I have a cute picture of our baby. I asked how DH wanted to "sign" it, and he said "From the 'DH's Last Name' Family, DH, Z3girl, DS6months, Dog, and Cat". He didn't suggest including SD20 at all. Dog and Cat but no SD? Really? Allllllrighty then!

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These "adults" are crazy. My parents have not included me in a Christmas card since I left the house...why do these adults feel they should forever be treated as kids? Crazy. Forget it. Anyone who does not live in that home, even your own kids if that is the case, does NOT need to be included in the cards. That is just ridiculous.

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LOL i have to lagh at the ridiculousness of them so called "adult" stepkids. Is the newly married SS on his in-laws Christmas card? I doubt it.
My grandma is still alive, should my mother insist being on her card even though she hasnt lived at home in 20 something years? Dumbasses!

They are bein stupid and petty. They know their request is dumb

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PS - now if they INSIST on being on them and you are tired of the battle, let them know they need to come over and sign every single card...then make sure that you send a Christmas card to a couple of people they hate...and make them SIGN the freaking card... lol

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You guys are hilarious. Thanks for all the help. I'm not going to feel guilty and I'm not putting them on.

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