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No Pictures!

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My DH's daughters wedding was in September, and he is still waiting to receive even one photograph of himself and his daughter at her wedding. I was in some of the photos, but I don't care if I see any of them - but she could at least send her father a photo of herself and him.

We got a Christmas Card (postcard style) with a photo of her and her husband and their dog, but no mention of any wedding photos coming soon.

It has been long enough for the photos to be done - especially nowdays with digital photography.

Should my DH ask for a photo, or just forget it?

It seems this is just another one of her "passive-aggressive" ways of treating her father.

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Thanks for the input.

She may not have the photographs yet. The young woman whom they hired to do the photographs was dressed like she was going for a hike in the woods (at a formal wedding) and she kept asking the bride - "How do you want people to stand, etc..." It was HER JOB to tell people how to stand, and to set up the shots - that's why they hired a professional (I use that term loosely in this case).

We'll see if she sends some on her own, but we will not be asking for any.

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I agree with the photographer issue...I have friends who got married the same year I got married (2008) who never got their pictures, or others who got theirs a year later due to finances and drama...

Also, for my wedding, we didn't have the finances to have tons of portraits printed, so we uploaded them to picassa and let people print them out if they wanted them. Pictures are a crap ton of money...I didn't send anybody pictures as we couldn't afford it...

Did your DH or you take a camera with you to capture some pictures? That would suffice for me, actually...Also, has your DH said anything? Not saying your SD couldn't be intentionally being mean, but I didn't come up for air to deal with people in general until like 6 months after my wedding...

Just a thought...

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I see no reason why a father can not ask his own daughter
for wedding pictures..

So the answer maybe that they have not yet received them..

Ok....but ask...I wouldn't sit back..

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Consider yourself lucky if you never get those pictures. That way you will not have to display them and have SD staring at you every day. Also, you will not have to explain where the picture went when you can't stand to look at it anymore.

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We could always cut out my husband from the photograph, and have the rest of the photograph transfered to a floor mat. Wink

Or, we could send the image of my SD to one of those places that can transfer the image to a blanket, and then let the dog sleep on it. Biggrin