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Is this out of line?? Need advice ladies

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Now that ss went to live with bm we were ordered to pay all traveling costs..when we had custody we split down the middle for years..but of course, she gets what she wants now and what she wants is for us to give her every penny we have. Quite frankly we were just ordered to pay 600.00 a month for ss(bm is one happy lark now) so we may lose our house because this is half of our payment. We also have to pay his medical and you can be sure she will take him every time he sneezes, she is a "" like that.
So, this is what I need advice for. I have told my husband I am done with the situation in the fact that I am not going to drive to pick up ss with our 3 other children. I am sick of this and am not going to let their crap ruin our vacations etc.....I am planning spring break without ss. If my husband wants to go get ss many hours away then so be it but the kids and I will not be going. I am not holding up my plans for them. Been dealing with crap for 12 years and I am over it. Is this terrible of me?


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I dont think dh is making me feel that way because he never responded when I told him that I am done travelling...making arrangements...etc..I think it is probably just me second guessing myself. Thanks for commenting.

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I will admit that after exh moved out of state I made him pay for the travel costs. But that seems quite harsh to have the ncp pay all the medical, all travel and that much support in addition.

Does your state give credit for additional children. We only get a 1% credit, and we didn't go after it until BM went for college costs.

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NOt terrible at all - in fact why should your bios be put out because your DH married an evil vindictive woman!!!!

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I see your frustration and God knows, if we had to pay BM that much we would lose our house too. I think the sad thing is that your Skid is paying the price for the parent's issues. Its sad that skid will miss stuff and not be included simply because of his parents' issues. Sad I totally support that the transportation is between DH and his ex but I feel sad that a kid is being excluded from family vacations or other fun things.

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We were paying out two lots of child support, while we had the kids! One lot was because BM 2 did not pay BM 1 when she was in control of the finances so the debt was still DH's responsibility and then we paid BM 2 because she is a money grabbing whore who has just cleaned out husband #4! We bought our house and the payments stopped. The BS did not stop though, nor will it until the kids come of age and we no longer need to communicate with her. Soon!

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We pay CS for 2 skids, all insurance costs (except DH and BM split uninsured medical expenses) and we pay 100% of the costs for SSs to fly up here and back (HAS to be direct flights per order, SSs are 16.5 and 10.5), all court ordered. Yay us!