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The worse thing BM has done: Can you beat this?

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Okay so what is the worse thing BM has done? Just wanted to see some of the stories. I have many but here are 3 :? can you top these??
1. Took child at age 4 through our window while we were upstairs. She called to see if she could take child for lunch and I said sure, why not right?? she is the bm so I went upstairs to tell my husband that she was taking him, went downstairs and my ss was gone and a vehicle was backing out of my driveway with his feet hanging out of the vehicle. She was hiding in the woods and had it all planned out.This was during a custody battle.
2. SS was suppose to be in our wedding ringbearer, she cancelled right before
3. went to pick up ss from babysitter and he was gone, we were like what do you mean he is gone, bm lived 3 hours away. Who took him? They said she said she was the mother. Umm...did you get ID?n We were in a panic because she lived so far away and we did not know she was coming, this was also during custody battle.


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Mine had to be a couple of things:

1. A couple of months after DH and I got engaged, Bm was off the rails on a carzy train. DH was supposed to have SSs for Feb. vacation. he went to pick them up at BM's. No one was home. He called and called and waited. Dh is panicking- he knows how crazier than usuaal BM has been and is afarid she kidnapped them. He calls me and I start heading home.
DH then gets a call from the police station. BM is there with the SSs apparently trying to tell the officers that DH threated her, they're all in danger, etc. etc. She is trying to get a restarining order agaianst him. DH and I head to the police station. SS (then 5) runs into my arms. I pick him up and BM stalks over and rips him out of my arms.
The officers there are obviously not buying her story. Kids are traumatized and wont even look at DH. DH shows the officers the divorce decree that he gets the kids for Feb. vacation. BM tries to "bargain" her kids- as in "I take one, you take one" Dh is like "no!" Offciers tell BM they have no authoirty and she has to hand over the kids. Great vacation, huh? Friggin psycho

2. The other terrible thing is about a year later, BM decides she wants to move 1500 miles away with the kids. Loooooooooooong story short, after a year -long GAL investigation and a 4 day trial she is allowed to go. i still cant beleive it. Like thats a great solution; totally remove kids from their father who saw them several times a week? GAL state din his report that BM was doing it to be "vindictive and punitive" against DH and he rplan was "half-baked" Oh well, didnt matter. She paraded her family on the stand with outright lies. We didnt have a chance. She did it to hurt him and damn the kids, right? Karma is gonna be as big a biatch as she is, I just know it!

PS- she is a miserable see you next tuesday as you can imagine

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Oh man...most of the worst BM has done is willfully and vindictively withholding visitation by any and all means necessary...but mostly for SD and not for SS. I still haven't figured THAT one out.

But I'd have to say:

1. Come lumbering out of her house screaming and cussing at us on her front lawn when we went to pick up skids for visitation.

2. Take both skids out of school for a MONTH long vacation without telling NN where they were going or even that they WERE going anywhere. This resulted in SS having to attend Summer School.

3. Getting animals numerous times right before visitation (especially if we had something excited planned) so skids would not want to come to our place. Getting rid of "family pets" as they inconvenienced BM.

It's hard to narrow it down to just three...all the lies. That is maybe tied with #3. All the lies, lies to NN, lies to skids, lies to third party exchange site, lies to judges, lies to ANYONE!

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I've got a good one. BM was having trouble with SS as he got into his teen years. BM and DH had talked in great detail about having SS come live with us. They agreed to make the change after Christmas break to minimize impact on his schooling. On the day before Thanksgiving which was DH's scheduled visitation weekend, BM and her husband drove SS several states away and dumped him off at some type of residential bootcamp for juvenile delinquints. She told SS that DH didn't want him. She told DH that SS would rather kill himself than come live with us. She told the facility that DH was not involved in SS's life and did not provide any of his information to the school. The school did not allow any contact between DH and SS.

DH got a lawyer and won temporary custody of SS. We brought him to our home, enrolled him in the local school and he started doing well for himself. But BM refused any visitation with him for an entire year while SS lived with us (withholding of love is a common PAS tactic). BM refused to have any communication with SS until he agreed to go to "some place to get fixed" (her words). SS finally relented and went to a residential school for mentally ill children where he made up a bunch of stuff about DH being abusive and SS having addictions just so BM would love him and let him come home.

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Sorry guys for your stories as well. Seriously, I guess if bm does not want dh then she doesnt want anyone else to have him either. We have 3 kids together, they had 1 at 16 and she just thinks she can do what she wants forever. ..and keep getting away with it..the courts are even blinded by her eyes Sad

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I have no really bad stories of specific things. I guess it would just be the years of general brainwashing that she did on my ss so that he now hates me.

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When SD was 5 BM took SD to the Dr. (hers not the pediatrician) & accused the neighbor's kid also 5 of sex abuse to look better during a custody dispute. I think the neighbor's kid is still traumatized.

Moved out of state with less then 2 weeks notice. Cost DH and I over $10,000 to bring her back

Moved to the same state (we have no idea why - she knows no one there )as above when SD & left SD here - turning over custody - on Christmas Day. BM then lied to SD & told SD took it to court & they gave DH custody because she asked to move.

Told SD to lie about BM working because BM lied to child support & said she was unemployed.