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DISGUSTED -- abuse

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My SO and his BM have no custody agreement. It works out pretty well, whenever she wants her, she calls and we're good about it. Her Mom has her a few times a week if we're lucky. Well she had her yesterday, and the day before. I went to go pick the baby up from day care (she's 4), and her teacher said that she hit a girl, and SPIT on a boy! I was raised by a great family as was my SO. We're a young couple but we are very well put together. He owns his own business and I am going to school to be an attorney. BM on the other hand has kept her minimum wage paying job for a few years..but is just white trash. So clearly my SD picked the spitting up from her. Well when we got home, SD, myself, and her Dad sat down to talk about her incidents at school. We noticed scratches all over her face, arms, legs, and body. We just got a new pup so we thought it was from her. But these were fresh. And then we saw these huge bruises. Considering she's 4, we didn't think anything of it, but then we put two and two together..SHE ADMITTED THAT HER MOM SCRATCHES HER, PULLS HER HAIR, HITS HER WITH COOKING UTENSILS .. AND SO ON. We're freaking out. I don't believe in taking a child away from their birth mother..but who does this? I'm sick to my stomach. And her Mom always seems so excited to have her and when she has her she is pretty responsible..but God only knows what's been going on behind closed doors. HELP!


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Call the authorities and getto the bottom of this before the bruises fade and the scratches heal.

She needs to speak to an objective person as you and your SO are VERY involved with the outcome.

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I'm sick to my stomach for you. I am so sorry. That poor child!!

I have to agree with pp. Call the authorities. She has reported to you that her mom hurts her. This really needs to be reported.

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Were taking action today. As for daycare, I mean she does have a lot of bruises because she is four .. but as for the behavior I don't understand why daycare wouldn't mention it. And there was a huge bruise on her arm that she kept saying was a stain from a popsicle and then I tried to wipe it off (applying a little extra pressure) and she screamed. I know it seemed kind of mean but I needed to make sure it was a bruise. I just can't believe this woman. I knew she wasn't the best Mom, but who would ever think that she would hurt her.