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My nieces dad

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My niece is 18. She has just been in contact with her bio dad for about a year.

BD and my sis had my niece when they were teenagers. A lot of drama happened on both their sides. BD got into drugs and took off. My sis met future BIL and he raised my niece since she was 1 years old. That has been her dad.

Anywho so niece and BD talk now. Mostly texts and FB. I think they talked a lot more before they actually met and they met over the summer.

I have no issues with the BD. He is actually the brother of one of my closest childhood friends.

However, he likes everything that my niece posts on FB. Like, like, like, like. And he comments 80% of the time with "honey, sweetie, love you, you are so beautiful, love you so much."

My sister said when they first started talking, she read some of their texts and she said it sounded like BF/GF.

I know BD is just trying to make my niece feel special and make up for the lost time and for the past issues. Disney Dad? Guilty Dadf?

But what is up with dads and daughters and the way they talk to each other?

I havent seen my niece post much to her BD or anything like he does.

I feel a little bad but I am tired of seeing all of his likes and all the sweeties and honeys and loves, etc.

My DH has 3 girls and I have seen/heard him say a lot of the same things but not as much as this. Plus it's a little weird since BD hasn't really been in my niece's life.

Okay just a random thought I wanted to share.


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That does sound kind of weird. Maybe it's his way of trying to make up for lost time and the poor choices he made. Maybe it's guilt. Maybe it's a combination of things.

I don't mind a dad telling his daughter she's beautiful or calling her sweetie but agree that many of these guys are over the top about it.

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Maybe it's because men have this moronic belief that if they tell any female that they love them, they are super special, etc etc etc all is forgiven away. :sick:

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Not sure if you have daughters of your own who interact with their dad like that or if your dad was one of those that constantly spoke to you like that. DH is constantly telling BD 5 months (and me, and anyone who will listen) how beautiful she is and how much he loves her. I'm not the expressive type so I just let him because it kind of balances us out. I have told him to cut back because he's going to let it get to her head and then she'll be an insufferable brat who thinks good looks will get her places and I definitely don't want that. My own dad is undemonstrative so him being so mushy towards BD is a new thing to me,

The funny thing is, I think DH would be one of those disgustingly gooey divorced dads that a lot of us complain about on here, who speak to their daughters like they're the love of their lives.

It doesn't annoy me that he calls BD "baby girl, doll, sweetheart" even though those are his nicknames for me, but I'm sure if BD wasn't my own, I'd have a problem with it too...