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Blended Families- the wedding- rings for skids too?

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I have been watching a lot of Four Weddings lately. It's on TLC.

The ones I had DVRd and watched yesterday, the ones with blended families, I think all of them gave rings to the skids as part of the ceremony to tie them together as a family.

Seriously the bride/groom would exchange rings, then the groom would give his new skids a ring and put it on their finger and the SM would do the same.


Why does it always have to be about the skids??????? LOL!


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I have never heard of this and i'll probably be odd man out here but I don't see a big problem with it. I ordered "big sister" bracelets for the skids and "big brother" shirts for the boys for when the baby comes. It doesn't always have to be all about the skids but it seems like some of the "blending" issues might subside if they aren't excluded from the big things.

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Ew :sick:

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I think it's sweet. I wouldn't do it, but still think it's cute. Just a reminder that not all step parents are in stephell. Many step families work.

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I think it's a mistake to include the kids/skids in any wedding ceremony in this manner. It may leave them with the impression they have an adult say in the marriage and family unit.

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Just a funny story- when my mom and SF married after dating for like 8 years, they did it in our living room with the justice of peace and wouldnt even let us kids (me and my sister and my 2 step sisters) be there! They thought we would laugh the whole time and be annoying and they wanted to enjoy the moment.....

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Rings for kids? Eiach!

In our ceremony I gave a gift to each skid that had no inherent symbolism like rings. I did make a little speech to each kid about how excited I was to be a part of their growing up and how fun it has been to get to know them. I made no promises to them.

I was marrying a man, not children.

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I wish I had given my stepdaughters a "gift" when I married DW.

That "gift" would've been a swift kick in the ass to let them know their days of DW giving them her last penny when they need money are OVER.

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SO and I will be doing a sand ceremony at our eventual wedding. And I might buy her some jewellery to wear on the day, but I don't want to exchange rings with her. That makes me feel a little bit too much like I'm marrying her. A sand ceremony, after my vows to my SO, to me symbolises more that we're becoming a family. Especially if we end up with a little one before the wedding, which is what we're planning since the wedding won't be for several more years.

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We did get Sd, 11 at the time, a ring when we got married. We asked what she wanted as a gift since she was my only attendant at our small ceremony, 35 people, and she requested a ring, which cost I think $40. It was not part of the ceremony, she just stood up there with us and the best man, DH brother.

About 2 wks. later she told us she lost the ring. She spent the night at her cousins house (bm side) and when she woke up it was gone from her hand.  We did not replace it. I believe someone stole it off her hand, but she said they would never do that. Go figure!!!!