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Waiting, waiting, waiting

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DH and BM have been going back and forth on CS for over a year. DH FINALLY realized his lawyer is an idiot after consulting with three new lawyers, all of whom told him his lawyer dropped the ball and we are now on the hook for a big chunk of change. After going back and forth with these three, we finally settled on one we liked best -unfortunately he also happens to be the most expensive and has already been very clear on the fact that although he can help us going forward, there is no way to undo what the previous lawyer let slip. I keep turning this over in my mind and I see no way out of this without some major debt. So DH and I spoke about it at length and settled on a deal that would allow us to pay BM back slowly enough that it wouldn't leave us broke, but also enticing enough that we HOPE she would accept. She recently quit her job and we know she's desperate for money (the crazy seems to be linked to the desperation). Plus, this has been going on for over a year and I'm sure this has taken longer and cost her way more money than she thought it would.

So she and DH spoke yesterday and he said she seemed very receptive, but told him she wanted to talk to her lawyer before making a decision. She said she would get back to him today. I am going crazy waiting to hear back. This has been the most stressful year of my life and I just want this all over with. I know it isn't even MY thing, but I feel like as much as I try to uninvolve myself, I keep getting sucked right back in and I just need it to END. Not much I can do but wait at this point, just needed to get it off my chest...


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you're young so take advantage of that and RUN like the wind!!!