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I used to really love Christmas.

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So SS his wife and two boys have come for a visit.  Mainly to see BM but they did stay with us a few days.  It has been freaking AWFUL!  Thank goodness they are leaving today!!!  They are going out to BMs a few hours away.  I am still not sure if they will be back before they go back up north.  UGH

My life for the last few days….

SS lies about everything.  I means this next actually happened and it happened 100 times during his visit. 

SS:  I have not drank alcohol in about 6 months.      

DH:  That’s great

SS 10 minutes later:  We have been drinking Tequila a few times a week back home. 

He is also openly faking an “injury” so he can get 100 percent disability from the military.  So gross. 

The oldest (1 and ½ year old) SCREAMS at the top of his lungs every time he is told to do something or not so something.  He hits his parents in the face when he is mad.  He only gets pediasure in a bottle for breakfast lunch and dinner.  He does not eat solid food except for goldfish and pickles as snacks.  NO OTHER SOLID FOOD.  He is tiny but they are adamant he is getting all the nutrition from just the pediasure when DH tried to tell them how awful it is. 

And when he eats the goldfish and pickles he will walk around with it in his mouth and just spit most of it out.  EVERYWHERE and anywhere.  And SS or his wife would barely clean it all up.   DH has already set up the maid to come clean again.  lol 


They will not rent a car while here so they expect rides everywhere.  SS likes to tell DH things like…”You need to take me here”  ect. 


I am so paranoid that they are going to come back at some point in time.  They are in this state for the next 2 weeks.  DH was even ready for them to go.  And that says a lot right there.  It was the craziest few days EVER.  


I feel really bad for the little boy for not ever being able to eat solid food.  They are just lazy. 


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Ok, ummm holy crap, thank gawd they don't live closer where you would be subjected to that on a regular basis, that's despicable.

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 Oh they made it quite clear they were moving back to our state in 2 years because DH said “WE” would help them with the kids A LOT.  FML!!  He is regretting ever saying that now.  But if they ever do actually do that….I guarantee you that “I” will not be babysitting those kids.   DH better get ready.  lol

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Why in the hell aren't they feeding their 18-month-old food? Why pediasure in a bottle for all meals? Is that doctor ordered or something? That sounds dangerously close to neglect... He should be eating 3 square meals plus 2 healthy snacks per day from 1 year old onwards. Any medical professional will tell you that. Also, very odd that they let him walk around with snacks. I don't even let MY 14 month old walk around with snacks in MY home because ew, it's so messy lol. I would never dream of letting him walk around with snacks at someone else's home. 

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The more I think about this, the sadder I get. Who knows what other ways they're neglecting him if they're too lazy to FEED him. :( 

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Sun…they swear that their DR said he is just fine with the pediasure and that it has more nutrients than regular food.  I think they are lying.  I think they literally just don’t want to take the time.   They don’t want to sit him in a high chair or cut up food or show him how.   It is crazy.  I know they take him to the DR so I assume the DR will see what is going on eventually.  UGH. 

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oh willow!  *fingers crossed* that they don't move TOO close to you.  at least you've got a couple of years....

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Oh Tuff...cross your toes too!  lol.  I honestly do not know what I am going to do.

Really hope it does not happen.  BM is moving up there in a few months so I am hoping they all get up there and love it!!  She is super grandma by the way.  GAG. 


PS…she is leaving HER DH to live here and she is moving up there.  So she can "help" with the babies.  They are going to have a long distance marriage.   Lol  

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How in the bloody hell do they have 2+ weeks to take off from work to visit?

It's all crazy, don't get me wrong. However, I can't understand how all these adults have SO. MUCH. VACATION. TIME. around the holidays.

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Oh they don’t work.  The government pays their bills so they can keep having babies and going to college part time.    bleck! 

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I hear you on the vacation time, I am taking one whole day off on Monday...go me! Lol.

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Pickles? Pickles? A kid who has never had solid food pass through his mouth chose pickles? 

What an odd thing for the kiddo to have decided to try.... out of all the food he certainly has seen Mommy and Daddy stuffing in their mouths, all he wanted to try was a stinky green ugly pickle?  I mean, I love pickles, I got nothing against pickles, but I'm failing to believe a baby tot only is willing to try goldfish,pickles and his f-ing bottle of whatever. 

and, no,I'm not doubting your word or what you wrote, I'm just merely sitting here thinking WTF is wrong with your SS and his baby momma. I can just see it now, your SGS while start pre-school and take his baby bottle and a packed pickle with some goldfish crackers.... and then sit in the lunch room spitting crackers and his chomped pickle all over the table. And when the teacher tells him to knock it off, he'll SCREAM in her face. 

I gotta ask, is this disability your SS is "faking" happen to be a mental disability (because he may not be faking, lol) 

Well, I guess you can purchase pickles in gallon size so when your DH starts babysitting this kid,er,I am "helping out with the kid" Dh can't sneak out to have to run off to the store and leave the kid with you. 

How did SS and family get here without a vehicle and no job to pay for a flight ticket? Oh, I bet BM and DH paid for tickets? 

Lucky you. 

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, but I'm failing to believe a baby tot only is willing to try goldfish,pickles and his f-ing bottle of whatever. 


 LOL!..It is not what HE is willing to try.  It is what THEY are willing to give him.

PS…I had to throw the effing pickles away because SS reached in with his nasty fingers! 


And no it is not mental.  He would win that claim for sure.  Lol


And yes…BM paid for the flight and all!   And DH had to pick them up at midnight.  He was pissed but he sure went off and did it and never said a word to anyone about how stupid and rude it is to expect someone to pick you up at midnight!  Sucks for him. 

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Pedia sure is not food. Sounds like you know that. Lol.

I love the liars that contadict themselves because they lie so much they cant keep track

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UBER. No way I'd be playing taxi service. Pediasure is NOT sufficient. They are idiots. 

Prayers for your sanity, Willow. I'd be making myself as scarce as possible. 

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SS34's child just turned 3.  They are feeding him big time.  The most recent pictures of him he is morbidly obese.  I don't mean chunky or chubby.  He looks like those overweight kids on the Maury show.  Like a 3 year old Sumo wrestler.  They talk about he's a "big" kid and will probably be a football player.  So DH tells me.  I don't talk to them.

I think it's child abuse.  You cannot blame a 3 year old for what they eat.  Or an 18 month old for what they do not eat.

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A. Forbid them returning. You have authority in your home.

B. NEVER look after the feral stepgrandbrats.

C. Somebody should call CPS on those aholes!