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So back in mid December, I blogged that SS knocked up his wife. At the time gbaby was only 3ish months. And he has health issues. (BM is so giddy about grand baby health issues, it is disgusting).

Anyway…DIL was 3 days late and “miscarried”. After that, DH and SS talked and DH told him that they should maybe wait to try and get prego again because grandbaby will need several surgeries over the next few years and will need ALL of SS and DIL attention plus, neither have jobs and they only have one car and are both going to school part time. SS agreed and said that DH was right and they had decided to wait on getting pregnant “again”.

So guess who I just got off the phone with. DH. A very excited and needy SS just called him to tell him that they are finally pregnant again! A whole 8 weeks after the supposed miscarriage. Damn idiots. Poor Gbaby. I wanna spit.


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"finally pregnant again!" What happened to waiting SS?!?! Did you wait two days and decide that was long enough? The heck do you need another kid for?!

My condolences. Make sure that your finances are safe... DH is probably going to want to give to unemployed SS "for the gbabies"

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Yes, keep yourself out if this financially! I'm totally against conceiving under circumstances such as SS and DIL's and that's all I'm going to say.

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Wait wait wait - BM is giddy about her gbaby having health issues?

Ugh - attention whore, much?

As for your SS and his wife - fidiots, just fidiots.

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I find this sad. These people have know idea what they are doing. The only word that comes to my mind is SELFISH. I mostly feel sorry for these babies who deserve better than two parents that don't have jobs to take care of them. Or even a clue of what the future holds. Sad Irresponsible.

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Oh our finances are very separate. DH is actually pretty good about not handing money out. Maybe because it is all his and not mine…lol.

I don’t understand how they are living like they are. They have a decent apartment, food, baby seems well taken care of. And they vacation. I know the government is giving them a lot of money but damn.

And yes WOB…This gets BM the attention she so desperately craves. Daily post about his “affliction”. For the purpose of this talk we will say he has a club foot. She post daily about how strong he is how great SS is because he has a child with this issue. And on and on and on. She even has T-shirts made that has his issue on it. It is big and says #clubfootstrong. That is all over her FB plus it is her signature on FB and her phone. Lol. Whacky cow. She has made it her life goal to educate EVERYONE on club feet. ugh.

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Oh my who would post this stuff. BM is nuts too. I like walkonby's word, fidiot.

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Yep, fidiot.

Has she started a go fund me account yet? You know, to help with their "expenses?"

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Sounds like two 13 year olds...starved for attention.
They shouldn’t be allowed to have a pet dog, let alone have children.
The poor kids will be raised as victims of any malady,
or when teenagers, heroes that have “overcome” acne....
People like this make me wish the government would step in and mandate forced sterilization.

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Oh my goodness Willow I am sorry. Did you picture your retirement years focused on supporting adult kids AND living, breathing for the Grand children?

We are newer Grandparents, and we don't mind buying an outfit here, buying a toy there or slipping 20bucks to the parents for a box of pull ups. OR even footing the bill for dinner. My adult bio and spouse are adults and they MUST support themselves and the child.

Our lives (still raising minor bio's here) are NOT focused around our grandchild. I personally can not connect to GP's who live for their grandkids.

About your daughter-inlaw who is giddy about an ill child. KEEP an eye on that will ya. Not just for the childs sake...poor child. REPORT if you think bm is causing illness.

I know or use to know a few bm's like this who have doctor shopped, sign the kid up for disability, ditch bio dads. Bio dads on the hook ended up paying life time cs because they claim adult kid can not support themselves. ITS a new trend. Granted at first blush it is hard to meet disability criteria but when bio parent is only reporter it is assumed mom is telling the truth.

POOR WILLOW...time to get out girl IF you can. Sad

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We will not support anyone adult. Not gonna happen.

And I was not clear ... It is SSs BM who is gaga about grandbaby having issues.

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My mom still has her own life, has friends etc. To be fair, she DOES gush about my bios whenever possible as she waited a long ass time to become a grandma and she loves them. I don’t make her pay for s***. She’s retired and her food, housing etc are the priority.

I’m of an older generation that believes in self-reliance, responsibility and integrity though. I have the kids I can look after properly and no more. :?