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Friday night entertainment

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YSD has until midnight tonight to hand in her midterms. She has not done any of them. I am thoroughly enjoying watching SO and BM text back and forth about YSD needing to get them finished, and complaining about her not doing her work, all the while neither of them are actually addressing it with YSD. 

Parenting at its finest. 


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Lololol.  Let me saw this coming from a mile away, yet her 2 parents were in denial about it.

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I'm amazed that neither of them has figured out the obvious Disney parent solution -- sit at the computer and just do them for the child. Two parents, two computers. They could get it done quickly. No need to involve YSD at all.

* Please use appropriate sardonic tone when reading above.

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That is the best solution but dumb and dumber have never bothered to learn how to log on or use the virtual classroom. Hence why they have no idea that she is really not doing her work. 

I was talking with my friend about thier awesome parenting and why they will never change. I know BM likes the drama and the poor me my kids are so bad victim mentality. She loves having something to cry to people about for sympathy, hence why she only does things that perpetuate the problems.

I still haven't figured out what SO gets out of it. He doesn't play the victim. He will actually lie about how great his kids are when asked. He definitely shows learned helplessness and believes he is powerless to change anything. With him I suspect he is looking for me to just parent for him so he doesn't have to deal with it and can just be fun dad.

Never going to happen.

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Your SO is just a lazy parent - if you think he wants you to do it, then he's probably the "raising children is women's work type". Especially if he LIES about how great they are. He wants good kids, but doesn't feel like he should have to do the work. There are a lot of them.

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Yes! This was always BM's solution. "He's so overwhelmed that I'm letting him dictate the answers to me while I'm his scribe". One time he came to DH's (before we were married) with a project that BM obviously did for him.

When he was 11, BM pushed him to do his homework, and he said, "I'll jump off a bridge." Welp, that was the last time BM pushed him to do his school work, and 10 years later, he's still living in her home with no job, no school, no future.

I don't think I'd have stuck around if DH was like that with school work.

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I've made myself abundantly clear to SO many times. I will not ever be responsible for an adult child. I see the writing on the wall very clearly. 

IDK if he thinks I'm joking or what. But, his kids will have no place to live once DS launches I'm selling the house moving and downsizing so I can put more away for my retirement and purchase a vacation home.

DS and I have a favorite place we go all year round. I want to buy a place there and leave it in trust to DS. I already know better we are not getting married or ever combining finances or purchases. 

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You're a smart lady to keep it separate and leave it to your kids.

My current home will go to my Autistic son when I pass. I just bought a house with my DS30. It's intended to be an investment, but I bought it WITH him so he will directly inherit it if something happens to me.

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Same here...I've been with my SO 18 years and no way I'm getting married and having one cent go to him.  In my state at least 1/3 of the estate must go to your spouse.  They don't like spouses to be disinherited.  I'm sure there are prenups, trusts, etc to get around it but it's just easier this way.

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I was the one who figured out parent portal, and then I was also the one that requested (er demanded) the google classroom credentials.

There was absolutely no interation with Toxic Troll. She just thought a few art assignments were missing (times about 10! spread evenly over 8 classes...)

DH tells me he has no patience, and I know this.

Munchkin is on track so far...