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In this episode of the Jerry Springer Show

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BM is currently losing her mind CPS is involved based on several reports of medical neglect for not following through with mental health services, medication management and trying to block intensive treatment services for both SDs. 

BM had been making sure SDs missed all Thier counseling appointments. SO when in home services got involved she took YSD for a visit and refused to bring her back to SO to meet with the workers to open the case. They rescheduled during SOs court ordered visitation time and BM intentionally kept YSD again.

CPS met with BM and laid the hammer down on her sending OSD for a drug test and making BM contact the service providers. OSD was calling everyone she knew panicking about the drug test.

BM is not very bright she thinks by badmouthing SO and allowing the service providers to meet with SKs in her home this will blow over. Little does she know that this program has multiple people in your home on a weekly basis. Caseworkers, behavior specialists, mentors and therapists. Also that they are a contracting provider for CPS so have to document and report progress and concerns directly to them. YSD was approved for the program because she was deemed at risk for placement due to academic issues and mental health issues.

If BM is cooperative they will see all the dysfunction and neglect because it is some of the worst I have ever seen. If she is noncompliant and blows off the workers CPS will charge her with neglect and make services court ordered. 

At the same time this is going on BMs exBF filed custody papers on her for the little one and he and SO are working together against BM but she has no idea because she thinks they hate each other because of her lies.

First home visit at BMs, the apartment that she cannot afford by the way. Was completely trashed because no one believes in picking up after themselves. OSD walks out in front of the worker with her nipples completely exposed. The worker tells her to put clothes on and OSD tells the worker where she can go. BM just sits there with nothing to say about any of it. 

Who has it really good right now. ME. I don't have to deal with BM or SKs at all because she is keeping them for now. Because in her mind she thinks lying in the face of evidence will get her out of trouble with CPS . SO has all the support he needs because he is also working with the program and is to address any issues or concerns he has to the workers. 

So I am just sitting back eating my popcorn with a nice glass of wine watching the sh$tshow. 


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I had a mental image of you sipping wine in your nice calm house, before I read your last sentence! lol.

What a mess. You must be so glad you are out of it.

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You have no idea. Finally things have worked out the way they should and the people responsible for this mess are finally being made to be parents and deal with the mess they created!!!

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Holy moly... my anxiety drove up reading all that. 

i'm glad you can remain calm and the toxicity does not affect you directly! 

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No effect on me at all. I am just a casual observer, I have no rights or responsibility to these children.

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Wicked, please keep this drama out of your life and stay happy enjoying your wine and popcorn.  I thought my dramas with SSs were like something out of a soap opera but they pale in comparison to this stuff in lots of ways. (except for the sex abuse allegations between two of my DHs sons unless I missed something in your past blogs)

OSD wandering around indecent when she knows there are strangers in the house??? Certifiable.  I can't even imagine.

I suspect that this is the first time BM, OSD and YSD have ever had to face real consequences for their behavior.  I hope this intervention works for their sakes because otherwise I think they are on conveyor belt to prison.


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Thank you. It is the first time BM has ever had real consequences. She is like the Teflon Don and has always lied her way out of everything. 

But you can't lie your way out of actual medical and educational proof of neglect and professionals actually witnessing the dysfunction. 

I hope she does have to go to court and OSD does get put on PINS. Its the same judges and probation officers who already don't like her. 


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I dont think that CPS will resolve anything....Your SD's attitude towards the CPS agent shows that she is too far gone and even if she was to be removed, she would just be placed in the system to act out or placed under your care to make your lives hell

SD will more than likely continue to drug and whore out at BMs house until she gets pregnant or runs away with a hobo in the streets


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Chances are OSD will end up in placement. She will never end up in my home, I have made it clear that her behavior is such that it would be sexual abuse to expose my son to it. A boy shouldn't have to look at female private parts all day. 

Now that the workers have seen it they know. 

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She likely will end up in placement - but then go on to live a life just like BM's.  Lying, manipulating, kids that she screws up ...

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This is a perfect example of why SPs should stop overfunctioning for their do-nothing partners. When it takes court orders and entire teams of people to correct years and years of bad parenting, there is ZERO chance a SP is going to accomplish anything on their own with no authority and limited resources. And when you stop overfunctioning, things have a chance to ACTUALLY get better.

Wicked, this is all very fantastic for you! I'm glad you're in a place where you can sit back, relax, and just watch the show.

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Yep, OP has removed herself as the scapegoat and now it can be seen clearly what the real problem in this family is.

BM might be able to lie her way out of it if she wasn't such a train wreck. BM here sure did, every time. But if she can't even think to clean up her house before CPS workers come by, she doesn't have a chance in hell.

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I doubt she can get her mouthy daughter put clothes on. She's lost control just as much as your SO has.

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You and DH maybe on the hook for the cost of said placement.  Major medical and OOP costs.  Almost time to lawer up.  They will go after anybody with any money.     State really don't want more kids. 

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She's not married to him.  Here, you do pay the Child Support rate for a kid in placement, depending on what kind of placement it is (juvenile justice vs. psychiatric). But it's BM and DH that will have to pay.


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SO and BM would have to pay support. I have no financial responsibility for the kid. I was smart enough to not even consider marrying him because of his kids and BM.