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Scene from the WOB kitchen this morning...

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Backstory - DH loves those damn cereal keeper tupperware like things.  And, I mean loves them.  As in, he scoured the interwebs for just the right ones like he was finding a cure for cancer.  Me?  I don't really care because I don't eat cereal.  My kids always went through the box before anything could go stale.  

The deal has always been that when the skids emptied out a cereal keeper, they would refill it with cereal.  We currently have two - one for KarateKid's Mini-Wheats and the other for whatever sugar filled garbage BabyVoice is into.
The MW is used "properly."  As for the other one?  Well, it's been sitting in the pantry for literally two months with two pieces of some kind of crap filled cereal and crumbs at the bottom.  Why, you ask?  Because BV is literally too lazy to refill the damn cereal keeper.

More backstory - our garbage goes out on Wednesday nights.  Same with the recycling.   The walk from my front door to the street where the cans are is about 50 feet.  If I am recycling anything after the cans go to the curb, I will walk my ass out the front door and put whatever it is that I am recycling into the recycling can.  No one else does this - they either throw it in the garbage can in the kitchen OR they simply leave it on the counter until the recycling bins are back in the garage Thursday afternoon, IF BV remembers to bring them back in from the curb.

Okay - so this morning, I come downstairs and see an empty Honey Nut Cheerios box on the counter.  HNC is what BV is eating these days.  I feed the cat, grab some coffee, make my lunch,  watch the tv in the kitchen a little bit.  

BV finishes her cereal and heads to the sink, which is where I am standing.  The following conversation takes place:

me - hey kiddo, how come you never refill the cereal keeper thing?
BV - I don't know
me - really? 
BV - well, it's dirty
me - and why is it dirty?
BV- because I didn't wash it out
me - and why didn't you wash it out?
BV - (very sarcastically) because I was too lazy
me - yep.  Let's try and work on that.  Remember that talk we had about follow through?
BV - yes
me - good

I haven't said anything to DH and I likely won't, BUT I would just LOVE to say "see, that's what happens when you confront her.  She actually answers the questions honestly (if not sarcastically like any other 15 year old kid) AND she doesn't melt down or cry or anything!"

Carry on...


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LOL- SO insisted on getting those too- so now on top of the fridge we have cereal boxes AND empty plastic thingys ....waste of money.  We will likely start using them for the dog food though hehe


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Originally, he bought three - one for BV, one for KK and one for ASS.

I use the third one for cat food :-)  And, guess what?  When I use the last of the cat food, I wash it out and refill it Smile

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I admit, I am picturing you in some leopard-print stilettos, powerwalking your sexy, confident, sashaying arse out of the room. 

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well, then you would be sorely disappointed.  At 6am, it was glasses, bathrobe and slippers that have definitely seen better days.

Oh, and bedhead Smile

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My bedhead looks like something out of a horror movie. Who ARE these women who have get-up-and-go hair?!?!

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I like those containers too, one can see how much cereal is left and the box SHOULD BE immediately recycled.  It's easier to buy bulk cereal too.  Note, I don't eat cereal either, but SD12 has started eating granola and she'll use those containers properly as well. 

Ahem.  But.  SD14 and DH?  Cannot for the life of them figure it out. DH was irked at me for asking him to wash (gasp!) one of them once (sticky fingers on the outside, full of crumbs, basically unused...etc).  Why do they need to be washed anyway?  Crazy

So I stopped doing anything regarding cereal.  Basically, any empty container in the pantry I leave there.  I don't buy replacements.  Same for empty jars/containers in the fridge.  I simply move them to the bottom shelf, next to DH's beer.  he can deal with it when he chooses to see it. 

I've been better since doing that.  No more doing it all myself, asking, educating, anything.

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Yup - I no longer check to see if one needs refilling.  When someone leaves something empty in the fridge, I think to myself, "boy, so and so is really gonna wish he/she had told me were out of that" and then move the offending empty thing to the back of the fridge.