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Meh - OR - when BV caught up with the Beast

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So - she got home super late last night because after she left the Beast's lair, she and BestFriend went to visit Auntie  Addict (you all remember her, I am sure, and she is no longer an addict, which is awsome) and her cousin.  

She came downstairs this morning and wanted to talk. Sort of.  

Me - hey, kiddo, how did it go yesterday?

BV - it was meh.  I don't want to talk about it, really.

Me - okay.  Hey, I am going in to the office today, fyi

BV- she gave me like the weirdest stuff

Me - like what?

BV - like things that she saved from my childhood bedroom

Me - oh, like your American Girl dolls?

BV - no, like sticker books and friendship bracelet rope.  I don't want to talk about it .

Me - Hmmm.  Okay, so the city is here again and the water is going to be disconnected for like an hour at some point today (WOB Street is completely torn up and today was the day that we were all connected back to the new main water/storm/blah blah blah), so you might want to hop in the shower sooner rather than later.

BV- oh you know what else she gave me?  

Me - not even a little bit

BV - 30 silver dollars.  she said she and dad used to give them to us when our teeth fell out, from the Tooth Fairy

Me - but you don't have 30 teeth?  

BV - yeah, it is probably from all three of us, but the boys won't see her, so I guess I got them. 

Me - well that is cool.  that's a tank of gas

BV - yeah...she also gave me a hundred dollars.  I told her thanks but I was thinking it was the least that she can do.

Me - yeah.  Anything else you don't want to talk about?

BV - ha ha.  No, I am good.  She was fine, mostly I think because BestFriend was with me, but I really don't have any feelings about it one way or the other. 

Me - your feelings may change over the next little while, kiddo, and that's totally fine.  Might take you some time to process, yes?

BV - maybe.  anyway, we stayed there for like two hours and then we went to Auntie Addict's. THAT was a blast! 

Me - that is good.  I am headed to work, don't forget about the water shut off.  

And, so it goes. 


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You rock, WOB. It's likely Beast held back because of BesFriend's presence. Thank goodness! Beast needs to suck rotten eggs covered in fish poop.

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Yep - I think it was a combination of BestFriend being there AND the fact that the Beast had previously spewed all her sh*t about DH and me to BV already via FaceTime.  

I am very glad that the Beast behaved herself. 

I also won't be surprised if the tractor beam activates soon.  The down side of BestFriend's presence bringing out the Beast's good behavior is that now BV has the (recent) memory of the Beast acting, well, normal.   

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she sure is...when she decided to take BestFriend with her, it was because she figured that the Beast would act less Beast-like with a third party in the room. 

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Spawn and Meth Mouth have a very toxic contentious relationship. No matter how awful and bad Meth Mouth has been Spawn always finds ways to forgive her and turn her into the victim. I really hope BV does not go down that path.

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Me, too....I don't worry about BV deciding that the Beast was the victim here, but I do worry about BV falling under the Beast's spell.  

We shall see what happens...

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I know you're worried, but the good news in this is two-fold:

1.) BV has a good memory of her mom. That is something BV deserves, and at least Beast was able to hold it together enough that she could give her that.

2.) BV wasn't the first to go through this, so she has support from her siblings should the tractor beam reignite.

You handled this beautifully, and BV probably appreciates it more than she'll let on.

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you know, you are exactly right.  I am very glad that she had a "good" experience, even though it was with the woman whom I detest most on this earth.  BV is a good kid and she absolutely deserved a "normal" interaction with her asshole mother.  

She has spent a good part of the day today texting back and forth with ASS.  Oh, to be a fly on the phone for THOSE exchanges.  

I am still totally befuddled as to why she hasn't come after KarateKid.  He is the most sensitive and would cry at the mere mention of her name over the years.  DH says that he still tears up whenever the Beast comes up, but he is also the most angry about everything, so maybe the Beast can sense that in some way?

I just try to let BV talk and let her know that her feelings, whatever they may be, are valid and she gets to feel them.  She really is a great kid, and I would never want her to go through the toxic mom shit that I did, and still do.  No one deserves that, except for the Beast Smile

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I will throw it out there that I thing Beast avoids KK because of his sensitivity. She probably wouldn't know how to console or help him work through his feeligns especially without making it about herself in the process. She knows that he will want his feelings to be heard and not hers and she can't deal with that so she avoids it. He's not a mess she wants to deal with so to speak. 

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Good that she has you to Not talk to!

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I reckon you handled that perfectly!!