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And, they're off - OR - BV and BestFriend are off to BeastTown

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should be an interesting experience for BV today.  She and her friend just left for BeastTown, about a 2 hour drive from here.  Before she left, she said she would call me when she got there.  I told her she could text, as she said nope, she wants Beast to see her calling me - lol!

I asked her how she felt about going. 

BV-I really don't give a shit, really.

Me - so then why are you going?

BV - well, if she does have some things from my childhood, I want them and if she doesn't, then I want to call her a liar.

Me - ah, well, I get that.  I can tell you though, that with her, both things can be true, kiddo.  Just be prepared for her to blame everyone else for her problems and take zero responsibility.

BV - yeah, she already did that when we FaceTimed.  If she starts that shit, I will just leave.  I can just leave, right?

Me - you can do whatever you want.  Drive safe.  Let me know when you get there and when you leave.

BV - bye.  Wish me luck?

Me - you don't need luck, kiddo, you need garlic.

BV - What?  

Me - nevermind.  Be careful.  

So, I am guessing I will have an update later on today. 

And, so it goes. 


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I'm glad she's got her best friend for moral support.  She may find the experience more upsetting than she expects so it's good to have someone with her.

And lolz on the garlic

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I was so proud of her for realizing that taking some back up might be the best way to go.   

In other news, I asked if she was driving to TheLastPlaceBeastSaidSheLived (which was a house that she and Lurch "bought" from his parents, but then the last time we were in court with her, she said that they had broken up and she was only being "allowed" to live there until she found a new place to live) and BV said nope, that she was driving to her apartment in TownWhereTheyLivedWhenWeGotCustody.  

My biggest concern is that that city is super close to where BV will return to college in the fall...I hope she doesn't give that little nugget of information to the Beast. 

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I think she needs to do this and is lucky to have you and your support. It's been a long road getting to this point, hasn't it?!

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it sure has....DH is upset that she is even going, but I have tried to tell him that we raised her right and she needs to do this.  

We shall see if I am right - we all know the pull of the uterus that gave one birth, no?

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If ASS didn't succumb to her Beastly charms, BV should be ok.

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Yeah, I think that is probably true.   BV spent an insane amount of time discussing this with ASS, who told her she shouldn't go, that all the Beast would do is lie and blame.   He is right, but I know that BV wants to see for herself.  

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Good on you and your DH, WOB! I hope BV has it in her to WOB the Beast, if she pulls shite. Pssssst.... does anyone doubt that Beast will pull shite?

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from the little that BV has shared, apparently she pulled all the expected shite via FB messenger and FaceTime.  But, we all know that these women have a bottomless pit of shite, so I am guessing there will be more for BV to wade through.

DH is worried sick, which I totally get, but BV is soon to be 19.  Not much we can do/say at this point, kwim?

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These selfish narc mothers who somehow seem to enjoy tormenting their progeny.

All you can do is be there for the "fallout", afterwards.

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I hope BV doesn't get sucked into the Beast's tractor beams, but it seems that is more likely to happen with girls than boys.

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Yeah - I agree that the girls seem to be more likely to get sucked in.   BV has almost ten years of anger in her, and she doesn't seem to be too afraid to direct it at her mother, so there is that.