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This morning in my kitchen....

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backstory - BabyVoice now has chores and an allowance. $20 a week to take out the trash and bring the cans back and load/unload the dishwasher each day. I know, I know, far too little work for far too much money, but not my circus, not my monkey. BabyVoice had her 8th grade celebration last night and the 8th grade trip to an amusement park (in Ohio) today.

*watching from the kitchen*
Scene - BabyVoice is running all over the place trying to get the dishwasher emptied out and reloaded AND get the garbage out this morning because she didn't do it yesterday when she got home from school.

BV- sigh, sigh, grunt, sigh

DH -*watching but not saying a word*

BV- you're going to have to finish it up since you have to drive me to school right now *there is an end of the year trip to an amusement park today and they had to be at school at 7 to get on the bus*

DH - no, no I am not going to finish it up. You could have done this yesterday when you got home from school but you didn't because you were too busy freaking out about getting ready for the end of the year celebration. You also could have done this last night when you got home from the celebration, but you didn't because you were too tired. You could have gotten up earlier this morning to get it done, but you didn't.

BV- but I am going to miss the bus to Amusement Park!!

DH - better get moving, then

*WOB watches, takes a few sips of her coffee then heads upstairs to take a shower*


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HA! Yeah, actually she does.

I SWEAR I heard her say "like" in between sighs Biggrin

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I won't do it for her, but I suppose if DH wanted to, he could. But he would probably slide right back into "she was too busy" and pay her for it - lol!

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I think paying kids to do age-appropriate household chores is ridiculous (I think you feel the same way if I remember correctly), but given that this is the deal your husband has made with his daughter, I'm glad to see that he didn't give in to her this morning.

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SD17 is suppose to do the dishes (empty dishwasher/fill back up) and DH does it for her all the time, pisses me off. I've asked him before was he going to go to her job IF she ever got one and do her work for her? he just looks at me like i'm stupid but that is what he is teaching her, but not my monkey, not my circus

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Wonderful! He's not letting this one get away with crap!

Your ASS-free existence sounds heavenly!