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Merry Christmas to me - or Medusa goes to court

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Well, she is supposed to go to court, we shall see if she actually shows up.

I got home from work yesterday to find a notice from the MedusaCounty Circuit Court.  Inside was our copy of the Summons issued to her to appear in court to show cause as to why she shouldn't be found in contempt of court for non-payment of support Smile

She is over 5K in arrears, and while she has been even further in arrears over the years with no action from the state, they have decided to go after her now.  The hearing is December 18 Smile

I am sure that she will try to get it moved or cancelled or some other such bullshit, but the notice has some pretty strict restrictions on moving the hearing.  It also clearly states that failure to appear will result in an immediate bench warrant.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, folks Smile


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Hey! Psycho is almost $6k is arrears! Maybe a Christmas miracle will happen and she'll get a court Summons....  That would be magic...

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Miracles for all!  I really cannot understand why they are going after her now, but hey, I will take it!!  

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My ex owes me 23,000! Has a warrant out for his arrest and his PROBATION officer knows about it, meets with him weekly, and does nothing. 

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While we know she'll probably make a payment and skate yet again, I do love that this is hitting her in the "Giving Season." Hope it evicerates her Christmas. It would be a small measure of payback for all those Christmases and birthdays she ignored the kids she created.

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that's what is so weird about it  - she JUST made an $1800 payment last month.  In the past, that's been enough to keep the FOC wolves at bay, and as long as she was paying something, they left her alone.

We have a kick ass new female governor here and she campaigned on fixing the problem with enforcement, regardless of it was a man or woman who owed the support, so maybe that's it?

Who knows?  And, more importantly, I don't GAF, as long as she is wickedly inconvenienced Smile

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Trust. In a former career, I worked for a high-level CS association. Found out that while BM's receive majority custody most often, of the "deadbeats" who avoid paying CS, the percentage of non-custodial BM's in arrears is MUCH HIGHER than Bio-Dads. So while the fake-news likes to beat up on the Deadbeat Dad stories... percentage-wise there are WAY more Deadbeat BMs not paying their CS.

No surprise to anyone on StepTalk, I presume.