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Raise your hand if you're surprised - I certainly am not...

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I get the mail on Saturday as DH and I were headed out to a party at a friend's house. The usual fliers, magazines, blah blah blah and then, I see it. A letter from the MedusaCounty Friend of the Court. NEVER good news - lol!!

So, I ask DH if he wants me to open it and read it to him - he was driving and he said, "ugh, sure?"

"Our records show that as of 1/4/2017, your case 07-XXXXX-DM with Medusa shows a past due balance of $9300.74. We are not receiving payments on this account.

We have sent a letter to the payer of support directing him or her to make payments or to contact us about the lack of payments. If you have information that might help us collect payments, such as employment information or a new address or telephone number, please send that information in writing at the address listed above or at We do all we can to find information on our own, but your help is always appreciated.

If within the next month the other party does not begin paying or reporting the efforts he or she is making to find employment, an Order to Show Cause hearing may be scheduled. You can attend that hearing but your attendance is not required. it may take time before a hearing is scheduled. You will receive notice in the mail in advance of the actual court hearing. You can also go to for updated information including enforcement status.

We have a confirmed email address for you in our system, so you we may send you email updates about the status of your case."

Looks like I will have to do their job for them - again.


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I provided FOC with all the proof when she opened the MedusaCrapResaleShop. At that time, she was also working for the company that bought out her failing business, so that's where the IWO was sent. Medusa, being no fool, simply cut her hours at that place and then tried to get her support lowered based on her poverty-level income. That's when I provided the information about the MedusaCrapResaleShop and rather than provide FOC with any documentation, she dropped her pursuit of a decrease.

I assume this letter means that she is no longer working at the company that bought hers. Good thing I have the address of the house that belongs to Lurch's family where they are currently living. Now I just have to go through all my files and find it Smile

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YES sanecatlady can I add this?

Let us NOT forget the CP's who go to great lengths to Maximize the child support award but ducking and hiding $$$.
Working backwards to make SURE they hit the poverty level figure on paper.

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The only info we have is her SS # and that's it. The bank statements she turned over during the last support go around were all redacted. If only I had some account info to give them....

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I am hoping Secret Agent Mustang weighs in - and I just might be spending my next Federal holiday in MedusaTown doing some recon Smile

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You know, I still don't understand how she justifies this in her head. I. Just. Don't.

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she doesn't justify it, Robin. She really believes that she is a struggling (non-custodial) parent who shouldn't have to support her children.

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took me all of five minutes to find the property she and Lurch bought from his parents back in 2015. I also called the MedusaCrapResaleStore - yep, she answered. I pretended to be a potential customer and found out they will be open until the end of this month.

I sent that information, along with the phone number and address of the MedusaCrapResaleStore AND a super clear Google Earth close up photo of the aforementioned house AND its address, to DH and told him to send an email to FOC right now and to make sure he lets them know the store will be closing soon so they should get off their duffs Smile

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Sounds like they might do this to everyone to save time on their end. They know you will work for it so why not send a letter asking you to do as such. That's ridiculous.

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so, the house is in a neighboring county - I will pm you the address. I think it's in the other direction from you??? I admit I am not the best at the west side of the state Smile

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know what the best part of the GoogleEarth photo is?


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Oh please WOB, don't you know if you tell a lie enough times it makes it true :). That woman will always be a "victim" and the best mom ever ...because she tells herself that. Perhaps she could get together with BS's BM and t hey could lament together.