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Will she or won't she???

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Hotel in MedusaTown booked?  Check.
Leaving in a few hours?  Check.
Called MedusaCounty FOC to confirm hearing is still on for tomorrow?  Check

DH got notified at 9pm last night that Medusa made a $350 payment - probably her attempt at obviating the hearing tomorrow.  My prediction is that the hearing cancels at the last second, either tonight or tomorrow morning.  She is still over 5K in arrears.

I booked a really nice hotel, and made a dinner reservation at a great sushi place - in case this turns out to be just a trip to MedusaTown :-)

Of course, I will keep you lovelies updated!


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My tippy-top Christmas wish is that judges stop coddling these farking twunts and nail them to the wall. With a pair of leopard-print stilettos...

Karma needs a kick in the arse! 

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Oh I really hope this judge doesn't care and still makes her appear and hands Medusa he a$$.

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He should filed that BM is just prolonging her contempt court.   That the court should do something to make the slap on the wrist faster. 

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My XH avoided court for lack of cs payments but doing that exact thing.  He got away with it for about. 10 years.  He would pay a nominal amount right before court and get it postponed.  I was never notified of court dates  and would only find out because he would call and boohoo about it.  Finally had to go in front of a judge and got a slap on the hand.  He now hates my guts and he still owes me $10000.00.

Hopefully you have a better outcome.