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Well, THAT was interesting...

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So, DHand I show up to the MedusaCounty Circuit Court this morning.  We went up to the 5th floor, where there was a desk and a woman checking in the show cause hearing parties.  We checked in and then sat out in the lobby area to wait for Awesome Attorney.  He shows up and we move into the conference room.

Seated in this conference are about 30 chairs and about 20 tables with chairs set up around them.  Think like middle school parent-teacher conferences Smile

Medusa shows up and she looked like she was 60 years old.  She is 49.  She had very dark black hair kinda styled like one of the Golden Girls, BUT she had like a little rat tail (remember those?) that she had in a side pony on the back of her head.  She sat a few rows in front of DH, Awesome Attorney and me.  I wanted to get a picture, but we had to lock up our phones if we weren't parties to the case.

A few minutes later, someone yells out their case and the three of them go over to a table.  Sadly, the table was not one of the ones that was super close to where I was sitting but it was close enough that I could hear some stuff.

Caseworker starts out by asking her what her address is, whether she rents or owns, what accounts does she have.  She was clearly irritated, but she answered.  The case worker went on to tell her that she has an obligation to support her children and as long as she is over 5K in arrears, she could be arrested for felony non-payment.  

Medusa told the caseworker that her "ex-fiance" and she bought a house together, but that they aren't together anymore and Lurch's dad now owns the house and lets her live there for free.  Caseworker asks how Medusa pays her bills.  "Other people pay them for me."  Caseworker then asks about her employment and how if other people are paying her bills, AND she is working, then clearly she can pay her support.  Caseworker asked Medusa what kind of car she drives - a 2019  Subaru.  The ONLY hting I think is true in any of those statements is the fact that she is driving a new car.  Caseworker then says, "so, you have the ability to pay, you just don't, is that it?"  Medusa then says that the reason she hasn't paid is because having money in her "accounts" is better for her mental health.  Ummmm, okay, bitch.  

Awesome Attorney then steps in and starts talking about all the things we have paid for over the last 8 years - cars, insurance, music lessons. school trips, senior pictures blah blah blah while Medusa has been not paying because it's better for her mental health.  And then he snorted Smile

Caseworker makes a proposal  - Medusa agrees to pay $5693 by December 31 and if she doesn't, there will be a warrant issued for her arrest and they WILL go pick her up and she will go to jail for 30 days.  She started to complain and the caseworker said she could go to jail today instead :-)  

Medusa agreed to the payment/jail if she doesn't pay.  She then said something like "I guess if I just pay him all off, I can start healing, so is there a way to figure out what I would owe him for the rest of the time?"   Awesome Attorney whips out a spreadsheet and tells her that her total obligation until BabyVoice ages out (once she gets current) is $4987.  Caseworker says she will allow Medusa to put up a performance bond for that amount and then the state will disburse it to DH monthly until the end of August.  Caseworker goes on to say that Medusa has to come back with the bond money in three days and if she doesn't, there will be an arrest warrant issued immediately.  

Caseworker asked DH and Awesome Attorney if that would be acceptable and if they had anything else to add.  DH said, "so, not really, since she has admitted she has like $20000 in the bank, so it's not like she CAN'T pay, it's that she CHOOSES not to pay."   Caseworker then asked Medusa the last time she spent any tine with her kids.  She said that she just saw ASS last Saturday for breakfast.  We KNOW that's a lie because DH was with ASS last Saturday morning for breakfast in CollegeTown, where they were visiting KarateKid at school.  Caseworker then asked DH when the last time Medusa saw the kids and he told her - "8 years next month."  Caseworker then said "wow.  that's a long time."  

She then asked Awesome Attorney if he had anything to add.  He didn't.  She then asked if they were in agreement with her proposal.  They said they were.  So, Medusa has to get current by the end of the month.  She also has to cough up the remainder of her support ($4987) in three days to be held by the state and disbursed on a monthly basis.  If she fails to do either of these things, she goes to jail.  

DH said that as they were signing off on things, she kept mumbling about now that she has him off her back, she can start to heal.  Always about her, that stupid bitch.  Not ONE WORD about the healing that her kids need to do or the hurt that she has caused them. 

Then, Awesome Attorney, DH and I went to have a lovely breakfast Smile


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I bet that was an excellent breakfast.

Edit: after further consideration, this was better than my low expectations, but agree that she did get off easy.  I am glad she has to pay, though. 

And the healing part.... ridiculous.

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How do you feel about this? I'm conflicted. One one hand, it's good that Medusa is being held accountable-ish, but on the other I feel that she got off too easy. She's both screwed and screwed up her kids by not supporting and abandoning them. And she straight up LIED to the caseworker about When she last saw her kids. I wish the caseworker had pounded her good.

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the cacseworker was NOT nice to her, at all.  I feel good about it, because we either get the money, or she goes to jail.  Win win!!

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It's about frickin' time!

Medusa then says that the reason she hasn't paid is because having money in her "accounts" is better for her mental health. 

Hahahahahaha! Best reason I have EVER heard for not paying child support. I wonder if all of my bill collectors would go for that? I am very pro-mental health for myself.

I can't believe she actually said that out loud. I can't believe she has 20K in the bank but won't pay her child support.

I guess she has decided that staying out of jail is what is actually best for her mental health. And, let's face it, her mental health was not all that great, to begin with.

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$5 says she leaves the state in the next 3 days, or at least tries to disappear so she can "heal".

Though a big part of me hopes she goes to jail.

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Ohh my dark bitter heart hopes she doesn't pay and gets her 30 days in the clink!

Aside from that DAMN! What a tw@t for not even caring about her kids!

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Oh yeah, I love the "so I can heal" bullshit. Yes, Medusa, because you are the victim of wrongdoing, after all.

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an NCP bioDAD getting away with "I like to have money in the bank that should be going toward CS because it is better for my mental health????!!!!!!!!"

If Medusa had a dick, she'd be in prison a decade ago.  Total double standard similar to the Female Prison Sentencing Discount (TM)

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She has already gone to jail for not paying attorney fees to Awesome Attorney.  That was a good day, too Smile

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Oh, this warms my heart! I would enjoy her going to jail, yes, but I am content with just knowing there was some justice. And the idea that you might actually get the money? Ugh! We could only dream here. I am so happy for you though, and it does give me a tiny bit of hope and faith for the rest of us still battling onward.

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The more I'm thinking about this, the more I'm baffled by her logic. Did she just think that she'd be able to evade paying CS? She has lived in the SAME AREA for years. Like, is she just THAT stupid in her criminal activity that she doesn't realize you can't stay at the scene of the crime and expect not to get caught?

She could have paid CS and still banked money if she has a brand new Suburu and at least $20,000 in the bank. She's not *that* far in arrears.

Usually Medusa stories make me giggle, but this one is just making me angry. Did she think she was going to blame your DH for alienation and the court was just going to drop it? Does she feel she needs to "heal" because of her own kids?

I want Medusa to go to jail on principle at this point. What a tool.

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Yes, she thought that she was going to pull out the old "I don't make any money, he is the big bad wolf always trying to take my money" card that had worked for her in the past.  She owns a house, FFS, drives a brand new vehicle, AND admitted she had about 20K in her bank accounts.  

She truly feels that since we were "so mean" to her that she shouldn't have to support her children.  In true narcissist form, it's all about her.  Her feelings, her need to "heal", her ability to only care about that which affects HER.  It's pathetic, really.