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A Medusa update

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So, DH passed along all the intel I did regarding Medusa after he received the letter from FOC telling him that they were no longer receiving money from her employer. See this -

He did that last Tuesday. On Saturday morning, he gets an email notification that a payment had been received. He logged into the portal to see what he could see. He got a payment of $300. He asked me what I thought happened. Of course, we will never know, but I think the caseworker located her and told her to start making payments. I am sure Medusa gave her the "poor poor underemployed me" horseshit and I am equally sure that the caseworker told her that she had to pay something.

Here in Michigan, there was recently a push to make it "easier" for folks to pay their CS and one of the ways was to make 7-11 stores a payment place. I am betting that Medusa had to haul her ASS to the nearest 7-11 and make a payment.

It remains to be seen if she can keep it up.

Happy Monday, STalkers Smile


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I wouldn't be surprised if the payment was made under some kind of threat like that. She is still 10K in arrears - *facepalm*

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Thanks, monkeyskids. I now have a reason to have a martini tonight. To soothe my poor, abused sinus passages!!!

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Almost exactly what I said to DH.

I am sure she was pissed as hell when they were able to locate her Smile

I always imagine her a la Captain Kirk, looking toward the sky and screaming "WWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOBBBBBBBB!!!!"

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I think that is exactly what is going on. They found her, got her on the phone or something and told her that she HAD to pay something. I am certainly not planning on this being an ongoing thing.

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who? FOC or Medusa - lol!!!

While I was irritated that they sent a letter asking for our help in locating her, and while I was also irritated that I had to do their job, I was thrilled that something showed up.

Public records are a real bitch Smile

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I used to play this cat and mouse game with ex-hubs #1. He would start employment, I would find out and then relay the info to CSEU (now mind you this was back before draconian CS laws went into play during the nineties).

They would launch an income execution and he would IMMEDIATELY quit his job. Then he became a "professional student" to escape CS. Which worked back then in the eighties.

As soon as DD turned 21, he miraculously put his PHD in criminal justice to use and started gainful employment.

Now in Chef's case: He is working a job solely for the purpose of paying CS. According to the consumer protection act, the accounting software puts in an immediate "stop" so that not all the CS is taken out of his pay (50% limit on non-arrears or some such tommyrot). Even if he tells the employer that he wants the entire thing taken out and will not pursue a downward mod. So whatever is left that goes to direct deposit, he personally ships off directly from his bank acct to CS to make up for the gap.

This does not satisfy the NYS CSEU who still wants to get in the payor's business. So even if you are non-arrears and caught up, they still want to find someplace to income execute the entire amount from. . .ahem (cough cough) that is if the paYOR is an NCP bioFATHER. If you are an NCP bioMOM that owes, they couldn't give two hoots about it.

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If she starts making those payments monthly that would be great. I doubt she will. She has a long time to reach 10k.