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What's the point of the performance bond??

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So, here we are in March and guess who is already behind in her child support?  Yep - Medusa!!!

I asked the disbursement unit about it and this is basically the answer: she puts up the bond and we hold it (interest bearing, so she gets to make money for being a f*cking slacker).  Each month, if she doesn't pay, we will then disburse the monthly amount.   

So, they hold her money.  They then give her a chance to actually pay it, and of course, they give her the whole freaking month to make the payment and then they do a look back in the second week of the next month to see if it was actually paid.  If it was, they just hang on the money.  If it wasn't, then they go ahead and send the monthly amount to us.  WHAT??  I mean, come on, we KNOW she isn't going to pay, and why would she, when they are hanging on to the amount she is supposed to pay?  What kind of sense does that make?

Oh, and one of the requirements of the order following the show cause hearing was the she remain current.   Well, she's not - she is currently on the hook for both February and March, so no, she isn't current. 

How stupid is this system?  I guess I can take some comfort in knowing that eventually the money does come, but geeeeez, talk about a dumb way to handle all of this.

And, you just KNOW that if this was a dude, he would likely not get all these breaks.   Six more months of this crap, and then I will be done with the disbursement unit forever - FREEEEEEEEEEDOMMMMMMMMMMMMM!! 


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My XH was thousands behind and never was forced in front of a judge until I lost it on the CD division.  This took nearly 10 years.    He still got a slap on the wrist and is supposed to pay even though our son is an adult.  He pays once every 2-3 months.  Nothing done about it.

My DH got A week behind because of changing jobs and got threatened with jail.  Seriously!  Less than $200 and threatened with jail and they took it from his tax check even though he had paid it.   
The system is seriously flawed.

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Unreal!! But then when it comes to family court I believe it,  its all a joke anyway.  They do this stuff so they can make money,

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I'm so confused by this. If she had the money for the bond, why didn't she just pay it to your DH in a lump sum and be done with it? Or is the bond some kind of loan? In any case, the whole system is absurd.

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Well, funny you should ask.  At the hearing, both DH and Awesome Attorney said they would happily agree to a check.   Medusa said she was unable to do that because she had to move money around (despite telling the case worker not five minutes earlier that she had tens of thousands of dollars in her savings account).  Awesome Attorney said they would be okay with an order reflecting payment received by such and such a date, but the case worker came up with this crazy solution.

The performance bond is not a loan, although she does earn interest on the money she put up.  It is supposed to be used to pay the support in the event that she disappears/goes off the grid/whatever, but sheesh, this seems like such a dumb way to handle it.

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Wait she has tens of thousands of bucks in the bank? Surprised her accounts were not frozen...or something....can you bring that up in front of a Judge?

Via request..NO demand of interrogatories.  They way technology is today...someone should run a very hard check on her. So sorry WOB.



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they would have hoovered her bank account years ago automatically for back CS.