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It's That Time...

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Time for the update - despite DH receiving a $300 payment on 2/23, Medusa is at an all time high arrears number.

Drum roll, please -


Total $11,382.74

Sure hope MedusaCounty follows through with its Show Cause threat.


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Statutorily, it's three months in arrears.

Reality is never....

the only time she EVER got caught up was back in 2014 when she needed to form a new LLC for The MedusaCrapStore. She couldn't get it without paying the back support. At that time, it was something like $1500 small potatoes compared to now...

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I love these updates!

I've always wondered... at what point do they throw the deadbeat in jail? Because come on... Most deadbeats don't care about losing their license or passport. They don't have money to drive or travel a lot of the time anyways because they're busy not having a job so they don't have to pay a decent amount of CS.

When we go for CS from BM, I already know she won't pay... So I hope they throw her ass in jail quickly because she damn well couldn't care less about losing her license when she can't afford a car or gas for that matter. And the woman certainly will never have plans to leave the country given she's a small-town uncultured lowlife.

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oh no, we got her state and federal refunds back in August...I think the total was $2150, and she is STILL that far behind...

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well, remember when we got the "hey, she's not paying and no longer working at ABC Company. Do you know where she is" letter back in January? Right after that, DH got a $300 payment.

Then we got the "we are going to show cause her (maybe)" letter. That was in early February. On February 23, DH got another $300 payment.

I sure hope MedusaCounty still intends to show cause her.

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I guess the wheels of justice on the west side of my state move slower than the average deadbeat...

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that's because you have a conscience. And a soul. And a moral compass.

Medusa possesses none of these...

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My DH's cousin got paid all her arrears when her Ex's mother passed. She had to be paid off before he got his inheritance...

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You're kidding? That is awesome! I doubt Medusa will ever receive social security, though. She works under the table and off the grid.

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I personally, enjoy it. Everybody talks about deadbeat dads... and then there's Medusa. And many more like her but God forbid deadbeat mothers make the headlines. They gave birth, for God's sake!

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HA! You're hysterical.

I give her NO head space....

But, okay, you can be Queen of the Back Child Support, if you like.

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OMG!!! :jawdrop:

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Every time I see things like "Medusa Town" or "Medusa County", I picture a town with snakes for sign poles and trees that look like Medusa's hair (all writhing snakes)....