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Happy New Year from Medusa - OR - an all time high...

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Total $10,194.74

A new high for the beast known as Medusa...

MOTY, that one.


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well, that depends. When she is three months behind, she gets reported to the crdidt bureaus. The state is also supposed to go after her drivers license and passport, but they hardly ever do.

The Michigan Attorney General is supposed to tag someone with a felony non-support charge at three months, too, but they rarely do.

If you have a penis, of course then all bets are off and you will be prosecuted in a heartbeat.

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if she were a man in that position, she'd have a warrant out for her arrest. What utter bullshit.

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we are fairly confident that the $417 and $1100 payments we got one day apart in August were her state and federal refund. Even with that, she is still over 10K in arrears.

Since MedusaCrapResaleShop is closing next month, I am sure she will try to get her support reduced again.

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My sister's husband went over $100,000 in arrears. They would only throw him in jail if she filed a complaint and since he was abusive, she didn't want to piss him off. Your state may be different.

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it's not. DH (or I) would have to file a complaint with the Michigan Attorney General's office.

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Friend of mine had an ex husband who never paid CS on three kids. Every time he was brought up and threatened with jail sentence, he'd pay for few months. Then stop again. He owes her hundreds of thousands. Kids are long grown and they have grandkids now and he never ended up in jail and never was required to pay. They would take his tax return but that would be just bit and once he won 5k in lottery and she was sent a check by the state but that's it