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Back up to almost 10K...

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Oh dear, Medusa...


TOTAL $9458.25


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true. Although the couple hundred a month barely covers one week of food - lol!!!

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What Tuff said. Our BM keeps getting court date pushed. She feels DH should still pay her CS even tho SS14 now lives with us and we pay SS18 tuition not covered by student loans and scholarship ($10K). All kinds of crazy.

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DH got two payments in three days back in was about $400 and one was about $1700 - we think those were her state and federal refunds from last year, since both were applied to the arrearage and were in round numbers.

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Total Unpaid Balance : $18,836.41

That is Ex's current outstanding CS bill.

Thank God I can support BS on my own because I know his dad isn't going to do it.

I love how these parents think that financial support is optional.

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Right?? But don't you just know the second she decides to check back in, she will tell them how much money she sent to us and how much she miiiiiiiiissssssssssssssssed them.

Deadbeats suck. They just suck.

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EX has been making a little effort. I think I got $40 a couple of weeks ago. BS is in competitive wrestling. I told Ex I can not afford to keep him in it if you don't help. Even $30 a week is fine. But I need SOMETHING.

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My Ex just doesn't file taxes. Like HELLO not only is that stupid, but you could pay off your back CS, make sure that your son is being provided for and follow the law (is it a law, idk) by filing your taxes.