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Eff Off Friday!!

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Eff off to this darn headache. I have plans tonight and I do NOT have time for a migraine...


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Sorry you have a migraine! I get them at least once a month and they are so unbearable! I hope you feel better soon and make it out to whatever you have planned.

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Monster energy, Excedrin, and ibuprofen...

Also Eff off to the fact Dh agreed for me to watch the un-behaved niece and nephew tonight. F*** that. So much for my evening off to bake.

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I wouldn't drink a Monster energy drink, or any energy drink for that matter, if I were dying Smile

and yeah, eff off to your husband. Why is he offering up your services without your consent?

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That's just what my mom used for her migraines growing up Smile Caffeine wasn't allowed in the house, EXCEPT during her migraines when they got bad. LMAO

Apparently they "need help." IMHO, they can arrange their schedules so they can get their kids like any other parent out there. I'm pissed. He agreed tot tell them we wouldn't be picking them up for the duration of softball and T-ball season. Still mad about tonight though. They both have crappy jobs because they dropped out of school because (and I quote) "it was too hard." Soooo... That sympathy side of me is dead. They need to find jobs where they can get THEIR kids, THEY decided to have. DH had been doing so good too... Then this mess... I have ZERO desire to spend tonight supervising those two demons while I'm trying to prevent my cake from falling to all their banging around. Maybe I'm just moody though. This is why I don't want to live ANYWHERE near them... lol... (but also not laughing, because dead serious I already told him I expect a minimum of like 3 hours from his needy family...)

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I raised three on my own during the week. I worked full time AND went to school. I had all three in activities.

I had help from neighbors, sitters, just find a way to make it work.


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And yet we end up with them ALL the time because they don't want to work jobs that are kid friendly... I admit I'd mind a lot less if 1) I was talked to first 2) those two had actual rules so they weren't little demons, and 3) It wasn't the evening that was supposed to be mine to relax... Especially number 2... They have zero rules, so while I crack down on them, they act like little brats and rampage around and destroy the house.

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The nerve of some people. It wasn't "too hard" to pop out two kids! Don't let those rascals destroy your home, PAI!

F off to migraines and 55 hour work weeks! F off to threats to shoot up schools!

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I jokingly told Dh I was going to lock them in the dog pen and put an electric current to it.. He didn't think I was as funny as I do. LMAO

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What?!? Where is your husband going to be when you're stuck with these two brats? If he's going to be there, you should bake away and let HIM deal with them. He should never agree to babysitting on your behalf. I hope there's more to the story than that. Definitely eff off worthy.

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He'll be at softball practice. It was supposed to be my evening to relax... There better be more story to that. He just called and was like "how do you want to do this?" And then told me that his brother asked if we could pick them up and he agreed, but he has to go to softball and I'll be home anyways. yes I will be home. I swear if they make my cake fall heads will roll.

Disclaimer: DH has been telling his family no finally... I think they guilted him because I drew a line about paying for the in-laws new washer when Dh's bro has his. He has this inability to say no to them for some reason... I thought we were working past it. I think he had a relapse... Do they have a cure for that?

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Hey, PA.

HE agreed for YOU to watch them?! That took some nerve. How about HE watches them while YOU bake? When are you going to stand up to that guy and stop letting him treat you so badly? GGGRRRRR!!!!!!!!

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Eff off to my husband going on a 10 day trip for work without me.

Eff off to drinking a bottle of wine by myself, well shhhh, not really. Wink

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Eff off to him.

No eff off to drinking a bottle of wine by yourself - is that wrong?? No, no it is not!

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If it makes you feel better, you may be alone but you’re not drinking by yourself. I’m right there with ya!

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F off to people who make plans and then leave you hanging.

I swear, flaking has become the official pastime of my already flakey state.

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SO's friend has bailed four times on us, including today. I told him last time that he'll no longer be invited over as I'm sick of cleaning and getting the house ready for company and he no shows over and over again. So frustrating.

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I think I've been counting down LITERALLY since work started this morning. LMAO You're getting close!!!

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Eff Off to the Black Dog, panic attacks, and my own freakin'headache.

Thanks for doing Eff Off, WON. xoxo

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Try the pressure points on the back of your skull. Also try an ice pack back there, it helps.

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I’m 5 minutes away from rum time.

Eff off to all of the HC a holes out there making my life and all of your lives more hellish than we deserve.

Eff off to kids in general after spending my entire bonus today on one for necessary reasons (I could have taken two overseas vacations with that bonus).

Eff off to.... eh, eff it. Time for a rum & coke. Good night my kindred spirits.

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Eff old to the skid weekend, period!
The neighbors keep looking over like we are having a party and about to violate the noise ordinance.
Nope, that's just the skids. Apparently they are playing. No, no not toddlers. Teens.

Go ahead, ask SO why its so loud. He is over there banging his head against the wall.