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Today is my Friday!!

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That is all!!

Anyone else taking an extra day for the long weekend??


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you suck!!!

fridays are our busiest day of the week. it's hard to get one off or the office doesnt function smoothly. plus the owner gets antsy if i'm not around Wink

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Me too me too!!!!! So we will have a four day weekend and 2, four day work weeks. whoop whoop!!

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YUP!!! Plus, I took a half day Tuesday for some doctor's appointments and then yesterday I had to deal with Twin1's arraignment on his lovely MIP, so I didn't come in to work until noon!

Will have to leave early on Wednesday to go to Twin1's Probation interview and sentencing. Not a lot of work going on with me next week. Thanks, Twin1 - fidiot!!!

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I'm working tomorrow, but hardly anyone else is. I'm going to bring BS5 with me and take him to a nice park near my work for lunch and then we are skipping out early to go visit a horse that used to be at my barn that we love and miss. So basically it will be a screw off day Wink Boating and picnic on Saturday, pig roast on Sunday and hopefully REST on Monday!

Enjoy the long weekend!!

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NICE!! If you can't get the day off, the next best thing is a screw off day. And, with your daughter - wah hoo!!!

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I get to leave work 2 hrs early tomorrow.
May have to stop on the way home and get an adult beverage and hang out at a cafe for a while before going home....

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Show off!! LOL, today is not my Friday but looking forward to the long Holiday weekend.

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Nice!! Enjoy! We are getting out at 3 tomorrow and off Monday. Ill take it!

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I'm actually leaving work in 5 minutes and I am done for the rest of the week! Extra long weekend Smile

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NICE!!! I just asked my supervisor if I could go home early. She looked at me like :O so I guess I will stay put Smile

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I wish! Half of my case roster has gone batshit crazy recently. I have a hearing on Tuesday and I STILL have not gotten the info from my client for exhibits and then a brief is due end of the week. I will likely be working a decent part of the weekend. And FH has a picnic that he wants me to attend with him where there is NO ALCOHOL being served. The horror!!!!

Glad for those of you who are planning fun weekends though! Raise an adult beverage for me please!!!! Smile

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Oh, sorry, I fainted at the mere thought of a picnic without alcohol.

In honor of your caseload, I will consume one bottle of wine just for you Smile

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LOL I just love you guys!!! Smile Smile Smile With my luck I would get caught with the flask or tiny bottle and all hell would break loose. These people are rabid anti-alcohol and to them anyone who drinks is automatically an alcoholic. I am just going to have to make the best of it and get out of there quickly. Then go home and pour a stiff one! LOL

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Can you have a client "crisis" and a phone call that you just have to take? In your car? With your flask???

Will that work? The only thing worse than being sans alcohol at a picnic with a bunch of rabid anti-alcohol people is....oh, wait. Nothing. Nothing is worse than that.

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I can have the client crisis for sure. Chances are, given that it is a holiday weekend, I will have at least one for real! LOL But FH would smell anything I drank - even vodka. He has a nose like a bloodhound. And he would totally freak thinking that other people might smell it too.

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Nope. All my slack ass colleagues with more seniority are taking tomorrow and Tuesday off :O