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Eff Off Friday!!

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Eff off to the depression that one of my dear friends is going through right now

Eff off to my brother, who called me a piece of shit when I expressed genuine concern for him last night.  Won't do that again.

Eff off to having to work today, when I just really want to crawl back in bed and hide



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What can I say, sucks.  Hope you get to relax today and feel better.

Eff off to my childhood bio "family".  Too much pain and trauma over the last four decades.  I have gone no contact with the last member.  Good riddance.

Eff off to this typically English grey weather.  It's my week off and I wanted some sun, dangit!!

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thanks, cooook!  I plan to go home after work, pour myself a big glass of wine, cry some more and then go to bed.

My niece, this idiot brother's kid, is graduating from high school next month.  She is my only niece and I adore her.  Her parents?  Not so much.  So, now I get to go to the graduation AND the party in the span of three days AND I have to be nice.


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Eff off to the Kilauea volcano. (when will this thing stop)

Eff off to noisy neighbors. Which I will see this holiday weekend.

Eff off to all the outside work that needs to get done. I am so behind this year.

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Eff off to the weather in FL on the Gulf side where BS12 and I are headed tomorrow... I swear it's my bad karma for being pissed LAST Memorial Day weekend about DH's family possibly staying with us. Well played karma- I have learned my lesson.

Eff off to cancer as another one of our cats has a tumor and will be crossing the rainbow bridge soon. BS said "I hope it doesn't hurt my heart as bad as it hurt when we had to put Ernie to sleep.I couldn't breathe" So sad.

Everyone have a great weekend!

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I am on the Gulf Coast....near Destin. Overcast right now. They are offering us sandbags.*sorry2*

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What a lovely son you have! That was a most sensitive thing to say and than feel. My heart breaks for him.

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Wow, let m know if you want help kicking your brother's a$$. Eff off to him and our virtual friend's depression. 


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Eff off to being wrong even when you are clearly right and physical evidence of being right is every where...

Eff off to the stupid animal digging holes in can' see while mowing the lawn 

Eff off to spraining just the top of your foot by falling in said hole

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Found out last night that an old friend died at 48. He thought he had a bad cold or flu, took to his bed, and died. This is NOT how life is supposed to go. Ugh.

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Between the nasty brother, dead friend, crippling arthritis, cancer, amd volcanic eruptions you all are dealing with, I’m going to add one more eff off on behalf of all of your problems.

Eff Off to these serious life events and problems affecting my STalker online buds!!!

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Eff off to dad had 7 cancerous tumors removed from his bladder and his kidney today at the VA. He gets discharged tomorrow and needs to come back next week for th e pathology.

Eff off to my lying manipulative ex. Too bad for him I know the real time line to his latest. Nice to f with me when I am at the hospital. 

Eff off to my husband being moody and then asking me did he do something wrong because I seem standoffish. I asked well do you think you did something???? Again I have been at the hospital all day so don't screw with me.

I came home had a healthy choice meal and two glass of my favorite cabernet....

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Eff off to the crap in life - people hurting in any form (except those hurting themselves and others through stupidity - they get to hurt a bit). 

Eff off to people hurting people.

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Eff off to people who constantly have their hand out for freebies. We are very generous people but it gets to be too much when people are constantly looking for handouts.