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Back in pull-ups at 8? LONG!

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This weekend went pretty smooth until...dun dun dun...(drumroll please...)

At 7 a.m. I am woken up to:

Unbelieveable....I pee'd my underwear and my bed a little bit...

it was NOT a little bit...her whole blowup mattress was SOAKED....her nighty SOAKED! She took her clothes off and put them on the bathroom rug! Which was then SOAKED! After I told her to put them in the bathtub until I got her cleaned up and could get them in the washer! GREAT! So of course me...not being a morning person to boot was p*ssed off to no end! (trying to hide this from FSD8) And of course this caused a rucus between FDH and I too.

WTF! FSD's are 6 and 8....last year I was able to get fsd7 OUT of pull-ups by cutting off drinks at 7:30 p.m....and bribing her with quarters every time she woke up dry...IT WORKED (keep in mind we only have them one night a week every weekend). For a whole year we have not had an accident I think...FSD6 is a different story...she pees every effing night!!!! We wake them up once at midnight and get up at 3 a.m. to take them to the toilet.

So I clean her mattress...put down a clean blanket and everything and tell her to get back to sleep....around 9 a.m. fsd6 wakes up and tells me..."Unbelieveable, I didn't pee my bed...just my pullup...?" I am like's the same thing! The whole room smelled like PEE! Disgusting! So then fsd6 tells us that FSD8 has pee'd her mattress so bad they are now sharing a twin bed at their BM's!! Are you serious? What is she doing out there to prevent this? this is the same woman who instead of attempting to wake them up and cut off their drink time took them to the chiropractor to get their backs cracked to help them stop peeing? Then they complained their backs hurt for a month after...when DH heard this he flipped and had this chiro shut off on his insurance.

The ONLY ONLY ONLY thing I can think of is the changes FSD8 is going through...BM just had a baby with her boyfriend..oh I am sorry - they got engaged 3 months her fiance. The girls are kind of being left in the dust...BM told them she couldn't buy them snowboots because the new baby needed stuff...she couldn't feed them lunch the other day because she was feeding the baby, etc. After the pack of pullups we have is out DH is going to demand she send pull ups! NONE of my friends...or relatives have children that are 6 and 8 and still peeing the bed! If the girls have some kind of problem that is causing them to pee that she wants to blame it on - they need to go to the doctor and we want proof it's not just lazy parenting! SERIOUSLY! Just like their 15 cavities were because they both have weak had nothing to do with the pockets full of candy we were confiscating every weekend! GGAAHHHHHHHHH!


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I am going with the stress...I truly do not believe anything is wrong with BOTH of these girls...I really feel it's lack of parenting and stress over the new baby and home life

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I am going to google the subject...I want to take them BOTH to the doctor...counseling is OUT. There is NO WAY anyone (other than myself) will agree to it. I can't even say this is a phase for the 6 year old...!! It's just plain ridiculous! She will get up if she has to go #2 but not if she has to pee! FMIL (who is a witch herself) said we should nix the pullups...period. and if she pees - and wakes up make her sleep in it! And if she hates it she will quit doing it! I just am not hard enough to do that! hahah!

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My SS7 has also begun peeing in his bed/pants. We are also trying to figure out what is going on. He had a lot of changes this past year (BM had another baby, me and DH got married, DH hasn't been able to see SS as often because of his job), but I think BM is going to take SS to the doctor and have him checked out. I told DH that if the doctor didn't find anything that maybe SS should go to counseling. DH agrees, but BM probably won't.

I don't have too much advice on this topic, but wanted to let you now that I am going through the same thing. You can PM me anytime. Good luck to you and let us know how it goes Smile

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My SD12.5, yes twelve and a half, is still in pull ups nightly. She only occasionally has a dry night. We try to limit her drinks etc., but BM isn't interested in getting her out of them - she just wants FDH to pay for half of them. The girl is usually very constipated, so I'm wondering if that has anything to do with it.

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bed wetting isn't a BIG deal....hell i still had occasional accidents when i was 18 and my skids still have accidents and they are teenagers

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Ugh...I HATE PEE! hahaha! I just give up. FH can clean it up if he is not concerned. Whatever! *throws hands up!*

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All my kids including ss have struggled with this. SS is almost 13 and still wets nightly. My bs is 11 and wets a couple of times a week. My dd is 8 and wets mosts nights. I, myself, wet the bed until I was about 8 or 9 as did my dh. I utilize plastic sheets on all the beds. The kids (except the 8 year old) know how to wash their own sheets and clean up after themselves. DS has had an increase in bedwetting (he has gone for months without wetting) and I am thinking it is stress related (dh left in Nov for military stuff)so I am thinking about putting him back on alarm system or meds and maybe it's time for dd8 too. I've given up on ss. He's hasnt any significant dry times since age 4. He's been tried on several different meds as well. Some kids just cant help it-others have emotional problems that cause them to wet. Rarely do I think they are just lazy. I mean how warm and comfy can it be in a piss covered bed?