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Goooooddd news...

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I told you all in my last post something good MAY happen - and to keep your fingers crosses!!!

So after all of the BS - and Dh's lawyer visit...we are finally sharing custody of the girls!

it will be finalized with the attorney next week - BM signed an agreement...once you sign it you can't go back! And the kids are all for it!

Of course BM was NOT happy about it - had to coax her. She doesn't know the attorney told him he had to do this - she doesn't even know there is an attorney - hilarious! She was all upset because she got fired from her job and this will effect her CS - and she NEEDS the extra money...I mean - how is she going to get her nails done now? The attorney said he needed to get to her agree to 127 her to sign for 165 (for a little room to adjust in case something comes up) - that's pretty good!!!

this WILL either lower his child support (keep your fingers crossed for that) OR keep it the same. start letting him claim atleast one child on taxes! We will push for that next year!