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Haven't posted since April 7th...Some updates - and some distance issues.

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Well - for anyone who read my last post about the incident I had with my not so stepkid who is a mean, manipulative, sociopath...

I spent most of the day (April 6th) on the phone with my parents and anyone else who would listen and I received some great advice - They all said - you've been doing this for too long. You ARE unhappy and this kid will ruin you - they were right...SHE is NOT worth it - and NOTHING came of the situation...she apologized to her daddy - but NOT ME? Nothing was EVER SAID. NO GROUNDING OR ANYTHING! Instead she comes in the following weekend with a BRAND NEW SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 - HELLO??!? SHE IS 10! :jawdrop: I took myself out of the situation...I am never ever alone in a room with the kid. Her little sister also is in one this with me - anytime her sister comes near me - she sneaks in right behind her. She knows I can't be alone with her because she WILL lie...I have even gone so far as to leave the second they come and I don't return home until after they are in bed.

My stress levels are good. My manager at my part-time job actually has me scheduled ALMOST every day they are here. NEAT HUH? And on the days she may not beable to schedule me - I go into our family's business and work there to keep myself away. I've also taken up walking/running - down 30 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING! Not in a bikini yet...give me another 15! lol!

I am now having another's like my guy and I live in seperate worlds now...He is actually mad that I am never here...and has recently began making side comments about how I'm avoiding the girls..blah blah. We NEVER spend time together...if I am not at work, or running - then he is at work or the kids are here...we spend NO time alone. And anytime I mention us hiking or going on a weekend vacation or something -he finds some excuse? And of course his mother always has to chime in...when I DO spend a few hours around the kids between work or something - ALL they do is fight and talk back or whatever...and of course- nothing is done - and if I tell then to knock it off - they completely ignore me - and he just never hears anything - I find it HARD to believe that they are BOTH perfect angels when I am not here...the only good thing is the devil child has sleepovers often now at her friends house - so then I make sure I am here to hang out with the little one - and she and I always find something to do (That's how i am able to maintain some sort of relationship with her.) The older one seriously does everything she can when I am here to make her dad and I fight. :? I am really just beginning to think that this is all a lost cause and I've just wasted 6 years of my life...sometimes I feel like I am CRAVING attention from my own boyfriend...I've never been that way - and I've always made sure we were all doing something together (which is impossible now because I will NEVEr put myself in a situation where LIES are told involving that kid)...I know that they are his kids - even if the older one is a horrid pest and he would never choose. and I never would ask him too - I know that someday - if if we make it and have our own house...if that kid continues that behavior in MY house - she will NOT be welcome. NO WAY. maybe he knows that and that's what part of the distance between he and I is...I just don't know and now I am just rambling...ugh!


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Congrats on losing weight! Like father like daughter, both are entitled. DH is just more passive about it.

You've lost weight, hopefully feeling great about yourself. Can you work on getting a full time job? Don't waste your almost bikini body on this guy. You can do so much better!

Glad to hear from you.

And maybe the good daughter can come visit you after you leave, in case you're worried about that.

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Thanks ; ) I would LOVE to have a full- time CAREER - not just a job...unfortunately - the family business is only busy when it's busy...let's just say people are not DYING to get in...I don't like to give too much away because you never know who is lurking! lol! The part- time job keeps me busy on our down time - I can't get a full-time because the part-time is so leniant with me when I have to call off because of the family business...there's just no telling when we will get super busy.

I hate it when people say just leave him...well - if it were that easy - wouldn't we ALL just get up and leave? It's not realistic - we're best friends. We fight just like all other couples...he just so happens to be surrounded by CRAZIES. I am not one just to give up...

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OMG! You are a genius!!! And won't she see how CRAZY she IS when I make her watch herself crying and lying like an idiot?!?!?!? AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! this is so much better than the advice I get of running away! And leaving my not so DH! sERIOUSLY!!! Lately if I am here and she acts up and cries for NO reason...I walk over to the sink and turn the water on and off and this is immature...don't care anymore! I say oh look sd10...I can turn the water on and off just like you - last week I handed her a mop and said here - clean up the mess you just made from your crocodile tears...I am SO getting good at playing the evil stepmonster role...she wanted it...and now she's getting it!!!!