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Just blowing off some steam...

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FSD turned 8 years old this weekend...holy cow. Although the birthday party was a success of course FMIL attempted to put a damper on things by complaining about the food. Complaining that "we" did not find HER a pillowpet to give to HER grand-daughter...apparently she couldn't go out and scour every store herself to find out that they were sold out EVERYWHERE - lazya$$...complained that I made "her" grandchild's cake the Wrong color? Which by the way - my fsd LOVED her bday cake! And then she tried to start a war with her other DIL about WHY she has not seen her grandchild for a month (1. she hates her. 2. She is a busy college student 3. her daughter (3) just started preschool and and 4. She has a job.) DUH. She seemed to forget that a month ago there was a HUGE blowout between her, DIL, and her own son because she can't keep her nose out of everyone else's busy - and tells lies...and just does a million things to harm their relationship - so they stay away bc they are smart...and bc it takes a TON of stress off of their marriage. what a party...hahaha!

She then told FSD8 that her feelings were hurt because she was not invited to her bday party at Chuck E Cheese - uhh...they have parties out their with BM's family - and we have our own family parties - she knows that - she just wants to make it sound like "our" parties because of course I organize everything just sucks compared to the germ infested Chuck E Cheese? Which she complains about ALL winter? how the kids shouldn't go there..etc. Whatev. I love listening to her b*tch and contradict's amazing. And then I call FSIL and giggle with her about how CRAZY she is...

And we found out why the girls are going to a chiropractor...uhh - he treats them for peeing the bed? 8 year old doesnt pee the bed when she is with us...she doesnt wear a pull up...and she doesnt drink anything an hour and a hald before bed...and of course 5 year old pees her PULLUPS because her mom likes to send her to bed with a belly full of juice...instead of creating a routine like waking her up every couple of hours to take her to the bathroom...she just lets her pee her pull up like she is 2. WTH? The kid doesnt need a chiropractor - she needs a routine! Just like she always complains about their cavities but they always have a mouth full of candy...nutjob...her life would be much easier if she'd quit creating issues!!


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You know as soon as my mother separated from her husband my sister stopped wetting the bed. My mother was the BM from hell and her husband was worse. so i was a skid in this situation but as soon as the stress stopped then my sister stopped peeing the bed she was nearly 13 by then. Maybe the kids have too much stress with BM and clearly with MIL cos all they seem to do is talk shit.

I would possibly see about putting them in counselling instead of a chiropractor.