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BM's Parents Scammed Out of Thousands. I'm Definitely Evil Because I Find This Hilarious.

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I got home from work today and DH started telling me this story...and I was near tears laughing so hard by the time he was done. He was near tears, too, of course. Oh my word. 

So, apparently sometime this afternoon, BM started texting him (in a group text with OSD and YSD) in a panic, asking if anyone had heard from SS lately...and she was so, so, so, so worried about him! Has anyone heard from him since Tuesday?!?! 

DH had a momentary fear and then paused for a moment and asked what was up. Told her he'd texted with SS this morning. 

BM's parents got scammed by people claiming SS was in prison in Florida. They wired 8K to these people yesterday and sent BM a text to ask if SS had gotten out of prison and gotten in touch with her yet. 

I absolutely should NOT find this as hysterical as I do. It's just...I guess the idiocy and tendency to panic that BM has really is genetic. Also...BM asks us and DH's parents for money all the time when she's panicking about this thing or that thing...always claiming her parents are destitute and can't possibly help, which we know isn't true. Her whole family just thinks we should provide everything for some reason.

Kinda feeling like this is a bit of karma. lol. 


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people still fall for these scams?  They didn't think to call BM or your DH first to see if it was true?  SMH

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Or text SS even? 

It's unbelievable. But if you knew these people...not as difficult to believe...

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What you mean precious SS could possibly be in jail.*diablo*. I do find this story hilarious. Idiot ex-laws. LOL

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They must be incredibly stupid.  My 92 year old friend received one of these calls about  "her grandson".  She immediately knew it was a scam.

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In the NY metro area where I live the news is always running stories about these scams. I thought the word was out about these scams enough that people wouldn’t fall for them. Then again Dr Phil had a guy on this week who’s fiancé was supposedly stuck in Europe and he had sent over $200k to get her home. Oh and he never met her, only texted and phone calls... and the guy he was sending the money to was in Nigeria *facepalm* lol!

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One was my FAL on a scam about DH's oldest (from the sane, kind, & zero-drama BM1, who I wish BM2 could be half as decent as) allegedly haven gotten arrested in another country for drug posession. FAL called me at work all freaked out, telling me about the phone call & how he was supposed to send $$ but he got pissed & hung up on them. Of course it was a scam and I had the grandson call my FAL to reassure him he hadn't traveled anywhere or gotten arrested. 

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My 91 year old grandmother would have fallen for it if not for my parents taking her financial info away from her. She called my dad at work saying my dh was in jail for a dui. He said but dh doesn’t drink! She wouldn’t believe my dad that is was a scam until he got dh on the phone to tell her himself. 

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I belong to a senior's group, many of whom are in their 80s and 90s. They generally use their computers for email, are not 'computer savvy', and enlist my aid for basic tasks like hooking up printers, dealing with malware, upgrading etc. While none of these folks lack intelligence, they are easy targets for some of the more sophisticated scams that prey on the elderly.

It enrages me when I hear of these innocents being robbed by scamming thieves. The victims are often living on fixed incomes and can ill afford to be fleeced. Too little is being done by law enforcement to root out internet crooks. Personally, I'd love to see them all drawn and quartered!

But, that's just me.

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In general I agree about the scammers...but BMs parents are not in their 80s and 90s. They are mid-sixties and should definitely know better...and if you knew these people...the mom especially. Incredibly condescending and controlling, holier than thou, with a tendency to blow every situation way out of proportion and panic about the least little thing. And at least 20% of the reason my DH left (especially as BM was becoming more and more like her.)

Anyway. Literally the entire time I've been married to DH, they've poor-mouthed it. They want their grandkids to have nice things and good opportunities...but they can't possibly help. And neither can their daughter. That should all be on DH and DH's parents. Oh...and me. Someone not even related to the skids.

Most recent example was SS and college. BM and her parents asked what we could "do" every month toward his education so widdle precious didn't have to take out any loans. And what DH's parents could "do" as well (BM suggested they pick up the entire tab for housing, which is the biggest expense at the tech program he's going to.) But, of course, neither BM nor her parents were "doing" anything themselves. 

I don't know. I guess after 8 years of watching BM and her parents claim they don't have a single extra cent to spare ever...and watching them treat my DH and his parents like an ATM while simultaneously making snide, proud comments about how "materialistic" DH's family is...this just cracks me up...looks like they did have 8K to spend on SS after all. Karma.

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My own BM was scammed out of a couple thousand because they called saying my DS17 was in trouble.  This was a few years ago, before DS went to live with her and my former used to be brother and his partner.

I can't really feel bad about it though as my "brother" and his pedo partner abused my son while my own BM, DS's GMA, kept it quiet frome everyone, including me.

Karma is a b*tch if you are Smile

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A friend of mine, who’s only in his 50s, ran around to various stores buying Apple gift certificates and reading out the info to a guy on the phone who said he was from the CRA. 

A store clerk realized what was happening and refused to sell him a gc. The friend got angry with the clerk and demanded to see a manager. Of course he felt like a fool when he finally realized he was being scammed but it was too late. He already bought $1500 worth.

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I should clarify for everyone that BMs parents are NOT poor. They just act poor and expect our side (DH, me, DHs parents) to pay for all the stuff they think the skids should have. Her dad is a retired higly paid engineer. As I mentioned in a comment up above...they routinely treat us and DH's parents like ATMs while simultaneously acting superior and making snide comments about the "materialism" of DHs parents. 

My only fear is that her parents will somehow try to make SS feel bad / responsible for this. Oh. And we're both waiting for BM to come ask for 'our half' of this SS expense...

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Yo, TwoOfUs,

No wonder you're appreciating the hand of karma in BM's parent's travails; they sound like selfish jerks. 

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