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What do you think? Am I just odd?

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Would you want your mother at your bachelorette party?


My DH set up resort arrangements for his middle daughter’s (MSD) bachelorette party (OSD did the party planning). I wasn’t invited (nor expected to be). I saw some pics on social media and his ex was there. Is that not weird?

I would have never thought to have my mom at my bachelorette party, nor have I been to one with anyone’s mother present (even if mom was a party-er).

SD13 said “isn’t MSD close with her mom?” and “I would invite my mom, she’s like my best friend.” DH immediately caught my eye as if to say “OMG! She admits it!” 



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I personally think bachelorette/bachelor parties are tacky all together but no.... I am extremely close to my mom and I would never invite her to something like that.

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I've been a bridesmaid 10 times, plus attended countless other bachelorette parties. I've been to many where the MOB attended a dinner/spa part but not the drinking/bar part. It really depends on lots of factors... family dynamics, what kind of bachelorette party it is, who's planning. I've even been in a wedding with a destination bachelorette (Nashville) where the bride included her mom and aunts and they all went along. It was the bride's decision because she was very close with all of them. 

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My first wedding, no. Although my mom is cool... she's likely to have made my friends uncomfortable. Lol 

Second marriage... bachelorette consisted of cheap drinks in the house... and a couple girls came over to give us all mani pedis. Not much if the party crowd lol

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my mom at both of my bachelorette parties. I also had my now MIL at my one when I married my husband. When my son got married his wife invited me to hers. And when DD gets married in a few months she wants me to plan hers. So yeah, we are that weird family. 

I also took my mom to her first adult store a couple of years after my dad passed away. She laughed through the entire thing. It was hilarious. 

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I'm old school and so are my parents.


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Had my mum been about she’d have been more than welcome to come on my hen do. My dad was at my husbands stag party. Mind you we’re older so nothing crazy happened at either. I don’t find it odd for a parent to be there unless you’re going to strip clubs or something.

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My sister invited me to her bachelorette party.  I had a newborn baby I was breastfeeding, so I brought baby with.  I lived out of town and wanted to spend as much time with family as possible.

If they told me a stripper was coming, I would have skipped it.  Ugh.  And he was dumb enough to dance right in front of me while I had a baby attached to my boob.  I was like "get that thing out of my face".  Durrrrrrr.