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AAARGH!! Attorneys

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So Chef spoke with his previous attorney for the April 2019 emancipation of the animal torturer (SD) and after sounding confused for a few moments he said that he cannot just file a motion to dismiss based on non emancipation event...that he still has to attend the virtual hearing and submit financial documents.

Aarrgh!  I wouldn't be surprised if they jack up to CS by $20 a week which doesn't sound much however keep in mind that Chef voluntarily overpaid his CS for the first 6 years (3 skids).  Probably this was the Girhippo's intention all along as she was not due for another review until April 2022.  

Frankly we don't need any more bad luck this year. A lot of added expenses with the rehabbing of duplex #2 .  Then me getting hit by a run-the-stop-sign distracted 24 year old motorist, our tractor catching on fire, Chef's shoulder surgery, et al just AARRGH!!!!


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I am so sorry, I am so confused- I hope we don't have to go through all of this when my SS graduates!!

SO, your SS19 has graduated and BM petitioned the court for CS to terminate but then wants financial data? 

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Automatically ask for financial data and Healthcare information no matter what the issue.

Because the state CSEU is involved and payments are not directly sent to the Gir (her request), the state is in control here and will not consider her request to terminate the order so it is frivolous and a waste of every one's time.  Her "change of circumstances" aka YSS graduating HS and looking for employment does not constitute an emancipation in NYS before age 21.

She of ALL people should know this having worked for CPS, foster homes and a number of different social service agencies!

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Sorry Sad I understand how you feel...really I do.

What seems to be a growing thing is, 18 is no longer the magic age for termination of cs  WHEN there is a cs order in place.

Not only do you have to file for it, BM also can have her own filing for reasons why it should NOT stop. It is not cut and dry like years ago.

Once in awhile on here I have read count downs to last cs payment. Wow they are lucky their state laws are cut and dry.

Stay on top of when dh can file--it may be months for a hearing to be set to the calender. He may have to wait until the child's birthday. THEN,  add in all the garbage between bm and dh's lawyer's IF bm is fighting it.

Did you find out what your state laws are?

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Meth Mouth made a final money grab right before Spawn turned 18.  Because Spawn had moved out and was living with GrandHag, technically DH was no longer the full time parent.  So Meth Mouth was able to apply for state aide so they came after DH for CS.   Then the state continued  to keep taking money after DH has paid his one and final month to them.  He literally had to get his lawyer involved before they were able to "fix the glitch" in their system.