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Chef went to the attorney consultation today.  He will be putting in a motion to dismiss the case based on a non emancipation event.  He will be sending the financial information directly to the attorney for him to hold AND the virtual hearing will be held in the attorney's office with Chef present.

As much as we would love to stop paying CS,  the Girhippo's wackadoodle request to "finally cancel" Chef for good is just too crazy for even New York state courts to accept.

If by some miracle they deem the HousesHitter to be emancipated, well then we will take it, obviously, but HIGHLY unlikely as the state CSEU is involved (as per the Girhippo's request 17 years ago).

She started this fire and now is probably realizing it's not so easy to put out.


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I think I saw somewhere that SS doesn't know Chef pays CS. How is that possible? When SKIDS kept telling me on more than one occasion that their mom didn't have money to buy them basic necessities, I showed them the CS statement.

The look of shock when they saw the total paid to date was pretty telling. SS at the time was 15 or so went as far as flat out asking her "What did you do with the $135k my dad has sent you for us?" Apparently, her reply was "Mind your business!"

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Chef was a complete Disney guilty dad and would not discuss finances or stand up for himself whatsoever when the ferals were coming over for visitation.

When OSS showed up in middle-class status braces at the age of just turned eight, Chef told him " be careful with those braces and take good care of them as your mother and I have paid a lot of money for them."

Actually turned out she paid nothing for them and Chef overpaid to the tune of double for them as they were rolled into CS.  Of course Chef trusted her to do the right thing and never ask for receipts or statements so he just kept right on paying well after they were paid for.

OSS emphatically replied at the tender age of eight:  "YOU don't pay for pays for everything!!!!"

All three to this day believe that Chef hasn't paid a penny and just "left their mother high and dry." (TM)


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Wow, your husband really shot himself in the foot with that. It seems crazy that he would let their missunderstandings go unaddressed all these years. 

I haven't gone quite as far as showing my sd any documents of cs paid, but I have (in the past when BM had custody) told my sd that her Dad sends her Mom every month to help look after her.