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Got Another Bill

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From Chef's now EX attorney for basically blowing Chef's CEBC case for the skids and insisting that I reveal my income to the court even though we are not married.  

The only bright side to this is the Girhippo's attorney is running for some judgeship in his retirement so she'll have to get another attorney (as will we) in 2019 when Chef moves to have SD19 emancipated at age 21.

I have no doubt that the Gir will try to extend child support to age 24 for her even though she wrote a letter to the court saying she didn't want any more financial support from Chef (read: she doesn't want Chef making any stipulations on that money nor be involved as a parent).

She will play the "SD is learning disabled" (TM) card for sure.


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Support until 24 and a 21 year old needs to be emancipated?? Thank the good Lord we don't live in NY! Those poor kids.

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What a nightmare. That law in those states which forces you to financially support an adult is sickening. 

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Chef's ex-attorney needs a Flying Five Fist Monkey Nut/C*nt Punch (depending on gender!). What a crock. So does GIrhippo. Pair of twits.

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Chef's now EX attorney is involved in a sideline music biz which he was pushing the entire time he was "consulting."  Chef thinks OSS21 has musical talent (NOT) and was saying stupid stuff like "maybe OSS can hook up with your music biz" (GAG he's been PASed OUT for almost a decade now with a brief "sighting" during a failed reconciliation attempt back six years ago!!!)

So this has totally pre-occupied this attorney and he hasn't kept up on CEBC.  The last email I sent to him shut him up where I specifically cited the actual LAW that says "any new spouse of the ObliGOR will have their income considered for CS calcs to the extend that it LOWERS the expense for the ObliGOR!"   Of course NOTHING about an ObliGEE being married to a six figure guy and up but I digress.

He was still talking about how my income won't be included even though it needed to be revealed in court documents. . .that shut him up and I didn't get any response back. . .other than this phoney baloney bill.

Oh yeah and said attorney must have been pre-occupied with his OWN divorce of which their were NO CHILDREN INVOLVED. 

Absolutely clueless.   AND he was DISPARGING Legal Zoom. . . trying to hawk his wares for that as well (wills, trusts, LLCs, etc)  Bad

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I like the catch-22 that's used... The NCP can pay MORE money because their SO can cover the NCP's monetary obligations. It's just a roundabout way of taking the SO's freaking money. DUH!!!

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NYS double standard!

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That is just so sad. I have an honest question and I realize it sounds extremely dumb: when the Gir was a social worker, do you think she acted in the best interests of families?

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And now works for a non-profit Foster Home Agency.  She acted in the best interest of GUBMs, i can tell you that.  Here at CPS, they are definitely pro-GUBM.  Most of the workers ARE GUBMs.   Hell Chef's nephew was dating one who worked at CPS ("single mom" aka GUBM) and she said right off the bat:  "Yeah I'm one of those workers who takes kids away from their dads and I LOVE my job!"

Of course working for a Foster home once again gives the appearance that she knows what is best for all families including her own and she retains her crown for MOTY  Bad

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And how dare nephew's girlfriend be proud of that job!! I wish society could see that fatherless children are WORSE OFF than with the influence of their dad (higher teen pregnancy rates, higher drug addiction rates, crime). EOWE dads are not dads IMO, but courts don't give dads another choice but submit to BM or give up their kids because she has made it possible to push him out.