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my step son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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:sick: i have the same kinda situation i have a step son that does not work does not pay any bills are nothing he has been living with us since he was 19 and he is now going on husbands only child in which i can understand ok,but when it comes to him doing certain things by himself he does not do it he makes his dad do it he is not the kind to do anything for himself cause his dad will not tell him to do anything and everytime my husband decides on anything it is not with me he decides with his 22 year old son he does not come to me about nothing my husband tries to claim that he was never married before and did not have to go to anyone before about anything and i told him that he needs to get use to it cause he is married now and i am here and he needs to realize that he has a wife and do not need this shit from anyone.he does not even come to me to talk our problems out all we do is argue.and as far his son goes he brings his girlfriend over and she does what she wants and when i say something to my husband about her he gets pissed he takes up for her.his son always gets his way too.if i tell him no about something god forbid.then me and my husband is at each others throats.we cannot even spend five minutes toghether without his son calling dad come here.this is the worst night mare i ever had i do not know what to do please help me.i really need some advice.


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wow that's crap what DH is doing to you. I'm sorry, your probably feeling so alone in your own home. Reading what you said seems to me, that the biggest problem is not your SS but how your DH is acting. I'm not married but I've always thought a marriage was a team and that you stuck together. I would say try to sit down with him and have a REAL talk with him. Just open everything up to im good luck

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I feel for you. My ss22 has lived with us since he was 17. Doesn't have a job, on academic probation, zero integrity, the average loser. Things finally got to a point where I had to kick him out of the house after breakins, stealings, pot smoking etc. Looking back I should have nipped it in the bud and done something years ago. It would have been much better for all of us, would have saved me a lot of misery and maybe even helped ss turn into an honest productive member of society.