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I shouldn't be surprised....

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So last night was DH's night to pick up the skids to stay at our house overnight. I am sitting at the computer and OSS walks into the living room and starts messing with MY TV and cable box. I asked him what he was doing no answer. I said SS are you looking for something? He says No. I said then what are you doing to the TV. He said I am looking for something. I said what are you looking for? He says a cable that I can plug into my laptop. I told him well you need to ask before taking anything or messing with anything that doesn't belong to you. He says OK. Then he comes out and asks if he can use it I told him Yes, as long as you put it back exactly how you found it. Well when I checked it last night he plugged it in wrong so I had to figure out how to plug it back in right which is exactly why I don't want him messing with my stuff. I told DH that next time he is not using it again because it was a pain trying to figure out where the cable went. But, why am I surprised I mean look what he is being raised by. A manipulative reptile and a disney dad!


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Yeah...My DH won't do crap he just looked at me when I told him that he kid needs to ask if touching my things.