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Quick update to BM's email.

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Well, DH wanted to chat about the skid with me, so I really just listened to him and his worries for this adult. I wasn't going to add fuel to the fire and I'm really distancing myself from this skid ( I had known for a long time about skids little escapades, his dissing of DH on Fakebook, etc, the stealing, the underage sex, etc, etc. ) too, as I could see the path we would be traveling down now, about five years ago !! :jawdrop:

Anyway, DH rings skid up and they have a chat. DH mentions BM contacted him about concerns, convo was about eight minutes long. DH explained to him that he will be arrested, the consequences, blah, blah of such behaviour. Skid makes all the same right noises back and that was that, so DH told me.

DH says he doesn't think it will change anything and I do say, well when you are an Adult you are responsible for your own decisions and if you follow a certain path, you know what is coming..... Adult decisions equals adult consequences. DH agrees and that was it.

I know nothing will change, DH has talked to skid many times before, with no effect, why would now be different ??
ONE DAY later DH sees skid online, back with the girl and VERY lovey dovey photos on line !!! He is shocked ?? I'm not !!