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why morons should not own pets

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My ex husband had a male wiener dog who was a complete moron and would go to the bathroom in the house constantly if you didn't keep on him. I kept kept him for the first year we were divorced and he finally got a place that took pets. I always had him wear a diaper which I sent with when the ex got him back. Ex was too lazy to mess with the diaper, tells BS that I never gave it to him ( hello, they sell them at pet smart for under $20.00 if you cant find it) and let the dog pee in his apartment. He moved in a year ago with his GF who is not thrilled with the peeing wiener dog ( heck her dog has to be on valium and bites people.. it has bite ss16 twice for no reason and has to be locked up when he is there so lots of animal fun) and apparently the dog has peed twice now on their new sofa. So what does my ex do, does he diaper the dog, take him to the vet for a check up...nope starts telling our 9 year old that he is going to put him to sleep if it keeps up.Now BS is all upset because he is afraid his dad is going to do it. The man got him a cat for his place and 3 months later gave it away, he had lizards he gave away and got a new one a few months later. It gets old, because he is not putting like dog is getting old and his time is drawing near, it is that he is angry at the dog and going to put him down. He makes this threat a lot in front of BS and it upsets him and then I get to deal with it when he gets home.


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What a terrible thing to say to your son.

If anything, re-home the dog but you don't put a pet down for peeing and you certainly don't say that to your kid.

And I agree, morons should not own animals.

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It is not shocking to me, but bs instead of verbalizing his feelings melts down. We will be continuing to work on this. I just get so tired of cleaning up dad's messes. I so do not want to take the dog back. He is sweet but dumb, my dog is so good and is thrilled to be the only animal.

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No offense Monkey taken. It started about 6 months before the divorce. Some of it is normal kid stuff and some of it is not. If it were not for the mental illness on his dad's end I would not be as on it as I am. I have taken stuff away and he has had to earn them back, I try not to spank as when I did he started to hit back. We have had several issues that we have managed to work through and this is our last big hurdle. In June he had such a crazy melt down that I don't even like to think about it. The look on his face was so hateful.He was punished for that and there are always consequences for his behavior, I do not want to end up with a crazy asshole of a child. I told him this morning that he needs to come home with a better attitude or I am taking the door off his room and all his stuff is getting packed up. End of story. The thing is he is perfectly fine for one second and then it is like a switch has flipped and he is someone else. He is usually immediately remorseful. It scares me as this is what his dad is like. He is such a good sweet kid for the most part but when it happens he is like a different person.

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It is stressful, especially when about 90% of the time he is awesome. Right now my main focus is to catch it when it starts and try to not let it accelerate. The diagnosis is adjustment Disorder with Mixed Disturbance of Emotions and Conduct. He has always been sensitive but the last year before the divorce it got worse. I blame myself because I should have left and not exposed him to all the toxic behavior that went on. I thought I was protecting him but I wasn't.

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Those Doxies are notoriously stubborn. (And I'm a big fan.) If your ex doesn't want him, and you don't want him, there is probably a Dachshund rescue that will take him. Better than putting him down.

What a crappy thing to say to your son.

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They are very stubborn, my dog is a 9lb wiener. She has never been good about asking to go out, I just had to keep on her. She will now come and wake me up at 4am if she has to go. Because I live in a town home we take her out and that has been the best thing ever. My husband totally spoils and walks her every day at 4pm for a nice long walk and I make sure when we are home she goes out every 2 or 3 hours. She started asking now as well. She is 8, so you can teach an old dog new tricks lol.

It was a crappy thing to say and after he gave away his cat BS was pretty upset. He is very sensitive. We have an appointment on Wednesday. He has made a lot of strides but the anger out of nowhere is an ongoing issue. SInce ex and I do not talk and he refused to be a part of therapy it makes it very hard.

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I had a dog who was so stupid that he'd put his head out the dog door and pee. But I loved him and lived with his problems until he died at almost 14.

My next rescue dog had some bathroom issues also. He'd been dumped out in the country (by some ahole I'm sure). I pulled up carpet and put in flooring he could not destroy.

Would never put down a dog for his bathroom habits.

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Well true to form when BS9 got off the bus my husband were out walking our dog. He came running up threw his arms around me and told us both how sorry he was for his behavior last night. He then proceeded to tell me it was about his dad threatening to put the dog to sleep, made a comment about why they don't put GF's dog to sleep since it has bitten several times and talked about how much he loves that dog too. I suggested next time dad brings it up suggest they get a new diaper for the dog, hell I am kicking around buying one for him to bring ( which is pretty sad considering the ex now probably makes 5-10K more than me and she probably makes about the same. Buy the damned dog a diaper and quit talking about killing him around a kid.

I then asked him when you get like that what is going through your mind as you feel like you are loosing control. He says I don't even feel like me when it is happening. I just hugged him and told him we have an appointment Wednesday and we are going to continue to work on regulating our emotions and not allowing ourselves to get so upset over things we can't control.

I am not blaming my ex but unfortunately the majority of big blow ups come from his being upset over things my ex does, like telling his GF lies about me in front of BS or yelling at BS because my husband took him shopping for my birthday and Christmas gift or the fact I was invited to SS18's grad party and he was not and his threatening me through our child. This is tough stuff for a kid. He is single handedly ruining his relationships with his kids. I wish he would just stop trying to blame others and accept that he has created everything that has happened in his life and move on and just enjoy his kids and his GF.

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}:) }:) so the dog is peeing all over the new SM's place }:) }:) }:)

your ex is an Mongrel for saying such a thing to his son, I will report him some where.....

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The thing is his GF is a sweet woman. I really like her from the little interaction I have had and BS adores her.

I am not the typical BM because I really hope he treats her well and that they stay together for ever. She is so good to my son and very nice to me despite all the horrible lies my ex has told her.

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:jawdrop: if your Ex told her you are a terrible old cow, and she's still friendly towards you and nice to BS...

bad news, she's not going to stay around with your Ex.....

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Do not say that. I hope they get married. He bought her a ring, he told BS that he did it so she knew he would not leave her ( he told the older boys they are engaged but not getting married????) BS said to me, mom he should be more worried about her leaving him. Shut the front door! Like I said I hope this works out for him.