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Omg my ex is a piece of work.

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Since we divorced over 3 years ago he has gone through 3 bearded dragons, one cat and put one dog to sleep. With in a week of the dog he got another. He bought bs10 a bird for his birthday...which he is afraid to hold and ex has threatened to give away if he doesn't start holding him.

So as you know we took in miss kitty. Bs loves her and she is crazy about him. He almost got her down stairs. So I told ex and SM last week we were taking kitty in. Ex made a smart ass remark about cats and hoarders... My home is very clean..

Since then he has refered to get as the stupid cat, made fun of her name and told bs that because he is allergic to cats bs probably was...the ass got bs a cat and then have it away 5 months later.

I Cringe every time he gets an animal. I am the one who gets to deal with a heartbroken child every time he gets attached and then ex gets rid of them.

I would never give away wiener. She is 9 years old and bs sleeps with her every night. We all love her to pieces, she is family.

I hate he is trying to make bs not love the cat. We didn't get her to one up him, I even told them why she was coming to live with us because I really wanted about wiener dog. I took on this kitty because she needed a home and had has been through a lot. It just speaks to his character.


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Well BS and I just got done playing with miss kitty. We laughed and giggled as he went to give her a treat and accidentally dumped the entire bag out and the cat looked at him like Christmas came early.

He loves her so much and is awesome to both her and the dog. Makes me proud.

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Goodness, I didn't like your A$$hole ex before, but I despise him now.

What a complete waste of skin he is.

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He is and will always be a manipulator. Bs still gets upset about the dog. It had bladder issues so I had him wear a diaper when we were married. Ex put him to sleep because of it.

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The man and his behavior and the end effect on our son's emotional behavior is exhausting. It affects my health and my marriage as well. His constant threats and manipulation never ends. If my kid doesn't end up screwed up it will be a miracle.

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He has been since the divorce. He is an emotional child and couple that with someone who is screwed up pushing an agenda. There has been a lot of improvement but he is stubborn and strong willed.

He will argue everything with me. His dad has now planted the seed that his step father should not raise his voice or get after him, so now bs who has had a great relationship with my husband doesn't feel he should get after him.

This morning the kid was refusing to go to summer camp and arguing with me and being an add. Husband responded to one of his nasty remarks so now bs is offended. It is crap like that, that makes undoing damage of Disney paranoid dad exhausting.

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Thanks Lady, for the most part he is a good kid, smart, sweet, respectful...but he has emotional issues like his dad. That is why we do therapy and I work so hard so he doesn't end up like him. I am not perfect but I try to make sure he is ready for life and respects all the parents in his life...crazy included.

Divorce can really suck on both ends if one parent is a fu@k head.

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My brother, Mr. Fab , got a "repurposed" rescue pit from his friend who got "tired" of her two years ago. My brother is so in love with her it isn't even funny, but how can people just discard animals like that?

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I know I have told you this many times but I really dislike your EX. He is a crazy man.

I would not tell my ex if his foot was on fire and I darn sure would not tell him about kitty or why I was getting it. It is none of his business and gives him ammunition to do stupid crap like this.

And I am on the fence about your DH getting onto DS. I am VERY pro disengagement for high conflict situations. Not sure how to handle this. You know he is going to try to get your son to live with him at one point so I would maybe have DH back off a little if it is becoming a big issue. Good luck. You sure need it with the loon.

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I hear you willow. Lion is been threatening court since March and reminds me constantly that he hasn't decided which way to go. He wants bs to live with him or live with him all summer. Bs doesn't wantbthst. I have offered next year he can be alone during the day making summer weekends longer. Because it is not want he asked for it isn't good enough.

His wife doesn't want to give up her Wednesday off with her girlfriend for bs to stay over and hang with her and he is to lazy to drive over on a weekday night to do dinner and hang out. I reminded SM that I didn't move 40 minutes away he did which is what makes things difficult.

He is lazy and selfish and doesn't really want to parent just to f with me.

I have told hubby to back off on helping me, but that is hard to because he is an adult and it is his home and they do a lot together and have fun. Bs behavior is better one on one with hubby sometimes.

It is a catch 22. I would be harder on bs if ex wasn't trying to convince him.

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That's so sad. We have a cat that doesn't like to be petted or picked up. Someone said we should give the cat back (it came from SO's best friend). I said, "I don't care if she doesn't like cat affection, we are in it for the long haul." She does love to follow me around and meow despite having food, water, and a clean litter box. She especially loves catching me mice, moles, lizards, and snakes and bringing them in the house half alive.

Sometimes I sneak in really soft pets when she's sleeping by my feet. She doesn't seem to hate that.

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Hey monkey! I am at work so let me expand a bit. SM is very nice and was talking to me at baseball about her husband's demands that he wants the 25% he is entitled to for visitation and wants all summer or full custody and if I don't give it to him he will drag me to court. This threat has been going on since probably not gonna happen.

I told her bs doesn't want this ( ex told him about this not me and then he spoke to me). I told her I have offered him an extra week of vacation, time at the hidays not in our decree ect... and he is still threatening. I reminded her bs can't stay home alone in the summer yet but next summer he can and then we can do likev4 days at a time with the vacation. He could have an overnight during the week but again someone needs to be home with him during the day or he needs day care which I currently pay the majority of. She understands and agreed with me.

It takes 40 minutes in rush hour from house to house. We each pick up so he doesn't do all the driving. Again if you want to be a part of your kids life you don't move across town and then blame your ex. I live in the same area that we lived in. I actually moved a little closer when our lease on the house we were in was up.

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Oh and sm' s Wednesday... my husband is off on Wednesday and bs asked instead of daycare could they hang out instead. My husband said yes and they usually do something fun is good guy time. Ex works Wed but when he heard this flipped and asked bs if he wanted to do that with his wife instead.

When bs told me this I contacted ex and said that would be awesome if he wanted him to sleep over Tuesday nights and he could bring him home Wednesday after dinner by 8pm. He asked bs w/o asking his wife and she does not want to....totally understandable but then don't flip because my husband wants to do this.

It is exhausting...and trust me the man is lazy. I commute almost the same distance daily for work and did longer for years so we lived by my skids so we could be in their lives.

It is all choices.

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SM is a very sweet woman but I know how he hooked her. She shared some info with me about herself that know he used to bond with her. Plus she has a good job, bought them a house a pretty much let's him do whatever he wants.

She is childless not by choice and is very good to bs and I appreciate it. I don't know if she will ever get it...maybe because he has me to focus his anger on she will never experience it.

This makes me sad is 10, he said to me the other day, mom if dad had never treated you badly and pinned u up against the wall you would have never divorced him and he would never have met step mom and be so happy.... This logic is how his dad's mind works.:(.

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OMG, Sweet T, your ex sucks busted arse. I'm so sorry!! Hopefully, your love and compassion for furbabies will mean more to BS than your ex's crap. {{{hugs}}}

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Thanks, I hate to that he has planted the seed in bs' s head that if he gets in trouble we are being mean or picking on him.

I explained to bs today after this morning s histrionics that if he had been respectful and done as he was told and not argued no one would have raised their voice. My husband gets frustrated with bs back talking to me and making me late as I have a new job and I am the primary bread winner.