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Ungrateful SKIDS

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SD20 came home from college,,, On Christmas Eve we (me, husband, my 2bD's and 2 Sd's) are at my brothers house for dinner.

2 SD's tell my husband they are going to wal mart to pick granny (MIL) something up for Christmas,,, BULLCRAP walmart closed at 6 and this was 7:30.

Later, me, husband and my 2 BD's go home to prepare for Christmas.

I have my girls get ready for bed. Meantime I am exhausted but knew I had gifts to wrap. Well at 11:00 p.m. I asked husband, where is SD's? He starts calling them both on their cell phones and they have them turned off.

He gets angry.

I start wrapping gifts and prepare stockings. Sitting everything in the middle of the bedroom floor NOT ABLE TO PUT UNDER TREE cause 2 SD's are not home yet.

GUESS WHAT, husband and I fall asleep waiting on them and the kids were up at 5am CHristmas morning with no gifts under the tree but were still sitting in my bedroom floor. I was so mad,,, MY GIRLS suffered because of them!! ARRGHHHH!!!!!!!!!

They went to party with oldest SD's boyfriend til 1 am in the morning!!

Ungratefull arses!


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Are you surprised!! My girls said something about they were upset in front of husband and skids. Nothing was said nothing was done.... I should have laid out my girls things but I wasnt even thinking.. I was to angry!

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I would have gone off on them! What a bunch of inconsiderate asses!

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Hey! Glad to see you! I would have put SDs' presents in a room with oldest SD's puppy so it could pee on their presents. Smile

To every thing there is a season.