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somethings gotta give (quick update)

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Just a quick update from my post yesterday! We got the rental and the guy wants to privately sell and so we signed a contract for rental for 3 months and then after that we start paying a portion of rent for a down payment in two years and then cash him out. He is a great guy and this is his moms house he has to get rid of b/c it's costing him money. It's a beautiful rambler with 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths on a wooded acre up against a large green belt. There is a 5 acre community beach park just 4 blocks down the road we can use for free with clamming, crabbing and oystering for free! This truly feels right to me. It's so peaceful with several fruit trees and view of the mountains, etc. When I walked into the place it smelled clean and feels open and airy. The kitchen is huge and even has a low breakfast bar and desk area! I am so thrilled. I paid all my what would have been down payment so we don't have to pay rent for 6 months. He handed me the key and a $100 bill to hire someone to mow the yard today! DH loves the place too. He walked around and as soon as he saw the fruit trees and then there is also a gazebo with a double swing and pond overlooking the front yard, he fell in love! The gazebo has some sort of climbing roses all over it, feels very cottage-like and faces the mountains!

My heart was singing all day yesterday and I got such a burst of energy and got all the utilities switched, rented a Uhaul for two days and also worked for 6 hours. lol.

I have the weekend off and we are moving baby! Into a house that is back in my old stomping grounds, my son gets to go back to school with his elementary buddies, my DH is happy and ss is actually ok except he was gone all day yesterday to school and friends and didn't come home last night and DH doesn't know yet, but for the first time in my 4 yrs with dh, I don't give a rats ass. ss is 16 and can either change schools or get his license or hell, even better he can move in with bm again. }:) One thing though, he ain't gonna cloud my day!!

I slept like a baby last night and feel ready for today and tomorrow. See you all under the gazebo Wink my friends. And thanks for your support and kindness.